10 Revolutionizing Trends in the Construction Industry to Watch Out For In 2017


We recently bid adieu to the year 2016 and stepped in 2017. As the New Year brings in new hope and new aspirations, so does it bring trends for every industry and the construction industry is no different. The ever increasing demand for the construction collaborated with the labor shortages continues to impact a major chunk of the construction firms. The economists have already predicted a growth rate of 5% for the construction industry for the year 2017.

Irrespective of the positive outlook associated with the year 2017, there are indeed certain aspects which keep the feeling of uncertainty alive when we talk about the construction industry.


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Here are the top 10 construction trends the professionals must watch out for in order to lead the game:

  1. Increasing Popularity Of Collaborative ProjectsConstruction

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There was a time when design, bid and build was the methodology used in the construction industry, but of late, the collaborative approach is what has become a common line for various projects. Design and build, a partnership between the public and private sector and integrated delivery are the trends that have made their firm presence and are likely to bring more colors in 2017. This move is considered to be transformation of the industry from art to science.

  1. The Shortage Of Labor


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Shortage of labor is the griming reality of the construction industry. The industry experts raised their hopes that at least this year, the trend of a shortage of labor will fade away, but it is here to stay. As per the statistics, between 2006 and 2011, nearly 40% of the labor were eliminated from the industry as almost 2.3 million jobs were shut down.

  • Lack of technical training
  • Presence of a minor percentage of individuals willing to enter as labor
  • Absence of emphasis on skilled trades
  • Less monthly pay

These are some of the reasons behind the shortage of labors.

  1. Drones for 3D Mapping


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Some call it Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) while others adore the name – ‘Drone.’ This flying invention is already used in many fields and niches such as:

  • Military Matters
  • Delivering Goods at the Doorstep of the Customer
  • Surveillance

In the construction industry, the drones will soon be used for 3D mapping purpose, thus, keeping a worker safe from the potential danger. Apart from quick and easy 3D mapping, drones are known to relay data and images in real time. All in all, with drones in the construction industry, it will allow more efficient as well as effective worksite.

  1. Picking up of modular construction


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Modular construction or the offsite construction is a term which is not new to the industry, but the experts are of the opinion that this method will gain more foothold this year.

The three important things to be considered in any construction project are:

  • Condensed construction schedule
  • Quality maintenance
  • Cost savings

Modular construction suppresses the schedule, maintains the quality and at the same time saves on the cost factor. This change will take a little time to sweep in, but once settled it is going to pick up quickly.

  1. Rise in Green Home Constructions


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With people becoming more aware of the environment and shouldering the responsibility to protect it, the New Year will surely witness a rise in the construction of green homes. These homes are:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Inspired by Greenhouses

Thus, construction companies and other stakeholders of the industry such as architects, civil engineers, etc. will have to brace up to build unique designs of green homes and come up with related techniques.

  1. Internet of Things


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The Internet of Things comprises of a number of aspects which plays a major role when we talk about the construction industry’s trends. This includes:

  • Equipment
  • Wearables
  • Employee tracking
  • Drone surveying
  • Job site information

The options provided by IoT are being used by the companies for cutting down the costs and improving the efficiencies. The fusion of business intelligence with IoT is considered as a deadly combination for increasing the potential of the construction industry. It is high time for the industry to embrace the new technologies and collect valuable information.

  1. Rising cost of labor and material


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There will be an escalation in the cost of doing business in terms of the rise in both the labor and material costs. It is believed that the ever increasing cost of labor and materials is one of the major reasons leading to a push in the prices of the construction projects. The inflation is believed to be a major cause for the increase in the material costs. The lack of skilled workforce on the other side is responsible for the rise in the cost of skilled labor.

  1. VR/AR technology


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The Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology are two groundbreaking trends in the construction industry. Because of their ability to increase the potential collaboration amongst the stakeholders much before the task of the building actually take place, they are leading the construction industry towards development. With AR and VR, the errors can be detected beforehand and thus the cost can be saved by preventing them.

  1. Development of smart buildings


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The development of buildings will hint at high-tech building systems that connect people with the environment. The buildings will be stronger and make use of the automated processes for controlling the building operations which comprises of:

  • Air conditioning
  • Security
  • Usage of sensors or microchips
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting

This construction trend has much stronger impact on commercial buildings in comparison to residential constructions.

  1. Increased scrutiny


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There will be a greater scrutiny of the

  • Workplace injuries
  • Safety measures incorporated by the construction firm

The authorities will also pay attention to the fraudulent practices which are taking place in the industry in terms of the billing and wage practices.

Construction Industry: Upbeat on the Growth Path

The construction professionals are focusing their synergies on what the New Year has brought for them. With technology in their crown, the construction trends of 2017 are all about improvement and enhancement in the design of the building and the process used for construction.

With more and more opportunities coming in the construction industry, the professionals in no time can spread their wings to reach the zenith of success. The construction industry is not just waiting for the astonishing structures, but also for the sound strategies that can bring innovations to the industry as a whole.



2017 is a year of the paradigm shift for every industry and the construction industry is no exception. Check out these 10 trends in the construction industry that are sure to knock in 2017!


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