3 Garden Additions to Enhance Your Property

Gardens are one of the most important focal points of any home. They’re the living areas that allow a lot of potential to increase the value of your home with tentative additions. Property developer Tim Manning suggests that a home with a garden will always sell over a home without.

In this light it’s obvious that a home owner should take care in their outdoor spaces to maximise the success of their property when on the market. Here are some additions you can implement into your landscape to increase the value of your home:Image result for 3 Garden Additions to Enhance Your Property

Sun Awnings

Providing protection from heavy sun or disappointing weather will allow you to enjoy your garden all year round. The latest sun awnings are truly fantastic, offering electrical options and some really fabulous designs. They’re also well-priced, which is handy if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to step up your garden game.


Similar to awnings these provide an option to enjoy the outdoors in any weather. Gazebos are often used for barbeques or outdoor entertainment and provide an extra element of design to your landscape. These are more suitable for larger outdoor areas, however there are smaller options available.

Summer House

Think of a sleepout or granny flat without walls and you’ll get a summer house. These structures provide a fantastic area for outdoor entertainment or enjoying the benefits of the outdoors alone. This is a great place to put outdoor furniture and allows you to relax in the fresh air. They can also look amazing and provide that extra touch to an otherwise bland garden.

Garden Themes

Working with plants can be a cost-effective and truly stunning way to improve the aesethics of your home. When planting new flowers or other plants you should look for a theme you want to use. This will create a unique effect. For example you could work with mediterranean based plants that suit an art-deco home.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply improve your experience of living there, a garden can be a great way to start. Look for inspiration online, as there are millions of fabulous garden designs out there. It doesn’t have to be hugely costly either, investing a small amount of time, money and energy can have very rewarding results in your yard.

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