3 Top Tips for Transforming your Kitchen

Transforming a kitchen can be done in so many ways that whatever your budget, ambition or desire it likely to be possible to realise your dream. All it takes is a little knowhow in some cases, money in others and the willingness to take an active role whatever you want to spend or save.Image result for 3 Top Tips for Transforming your Kitchen

Tip One: Know Your Budget

When thinking of carrying out any job within the home, the first and most important thing to do is sit down and do your sums. Establishing a realistic budget that you can afford along with a small contingency in case anything should go a little awry along the way will also provide you with everything you need to know as to what is possible.

If your budget is a generous one, or the sky really is the limit, the best tip to give when rethinking a kitchen space is quite simply to call upon the experts. That is, rather than attempting to plan your own kitchen or referring directly to kitchen fitters and relying on their ideas, giving a kitchen designer or professional design time such as those at Aston Designs in Milton Keynes is a truly exciting, enjoyable and massively rewarding way to realise a dream kitchen.

Tip Two: Know Your Limits

One of the quickest and easiest ways and one which provides the most cost effective aesthetic results is to simply paint or replace cupboard doors and draw fronts. Further, whether you opt to replace or simply paint your existing kitchen frontages, this is a job that requires minimum tools, knowhow and skill. Hence, you can further save by doing the job yourself and still end up with a rejuvenated kitchen or even one a world away from your previous kitchen look.

Meanwhile, if you plan to make bigger changes, replace an oven or cooker (whether electric or gas) or want to make changes to anything that involves gas, electricity or plumbing in appliances such as a dishwasher, it is advisable to be aware of your limits, and stick to them. The money you stand to save by going DIY at jobs such as these without the knowledge, experience or qualifications to do so could cost you far more than just money should anything go awry. Hence, where danger is involved always play it safe and call in the experts.

Meanwhile, to learn how to successfully paint your existing kitchen frontages refer to the Houzz Guide: How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. To learn how to replace doors and drawer fronts entirely, DIY supply giants B&Q have uploaded their own quick and easy video guide via Youtube, which covers all you need to know to get the job done, and do it well.

Tip Three: A Bright Idea that Can Transform Any Kitchen

The right lighting can transform just about any room or space and do so instantly. How you choose to direct the light, maximise it and control it within the home can all change how big a space looks, how inviting it feels and how functional a room such as a kitchen is.

What is more, within a kitchen light is particularly important due to the fact that a kitchen is a place where high temperatures, boiling water, hot oil, knives and all manner of dangerous utensils, techniques and processes go on. Then, to minimise the danger and risk of injury and maximise thefun and light within a kitchen space, you will need to think about the lighting you use.

A top tip then, whatever the size of your kitchen, its layout and your budget, is to consider investing in inexpensive, easy to install and long lasting LEDs. LEDs can after all instantly shed light onto worktop surfaces, create atmosphere and be used to stud cupboards, ceilings and skirting boards to create an instant wow factor. For more reasons why LEDs really are a must have lighting addition in any kitchen and home for that matter visit the Oberoi Brothers Lighting website and whilst there read their blog article: 50 Reasons Why LED Lights are Great.

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