4 Benefits Of Planting Trees On Your Property

Trees are a beautiful and a wonderful part of nature and many people are lucky to have several trees on their property. Without a doubt, trees add beauty and curb appeal to a property, but they are also difficult to maintain for the average person. In addition, climbing trees to remove dead branches, prune, or cut for aesthetic purposes is a dangerous process that should be left to a professional with ISA Certification. This certification demonstrates that the professional has at least three years of work experience maintaining urban trees, diminishing the chances of property damage or personal injury to the property owner. Working with trained arborists will ensure that you select a species of tree that is appropriate for your property and that these trees will be cared for and given the best possible chance to grow into picturesque, shade providing ornaments for your property.

Today we’re going to explore four positive effects of planting trees on your property.

Increase Property Value

Those in real estate find that the market value for a property with well maintained trees is higher than other properties without treeson the same street. Certainly, they add a fair amount of curb value in Edmonton, Alberta, where most people feel a strong affinity with nature. It is, in fact, a well established truth that in almost nay city, well maintained trees add more value to a property. This is great news for a home owner planning to sell their property in the future, as long as they’ve taken good care of their trees. Fortunately, tree advice from the professionals is free on the Internet, and if followed correctly, these tips can go a long way towards giving your trees a long and healthy life and improving the quality of life of whomever may be living on that property.

Trees Protect The Property & Home

Certainly, trees add curb value, but it is also a fact that planting several trees around a property helps to protect the property from certain weather conditions. For example, in the summer, trees shade the home and property, thus mitigating the need for air conditioning in hot weather. People are able to sit and read comfortably under the shade of a majestic tree, even on a hot summer day. In addition, the property owner saves on utilities by reducing the amount of water required to maintain a lawn, since the sun will not scorch protected grass.

Trees Clean The Air

Greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide fill the air in many communities, this is especially true in urban areas. Trees provide a very important service to the property owner and community by filtering or removing pollutants out of the air. For example, trees remove nitrogen oxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone out of the air. 

Trees Provide Air & Food

Trees clean and filter the air and also provide oxygen for the environment – this is very good news for those living in polluted environments. Fruit trees and nut trees not only provide extra oxygen they also provide food for people and animals in the environment. Certainly, this is important in the campaign to end hunger and to provide food for wildlife in urban and rural communities in Edmonton and across the country.

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