4 Common Types of Hard Woods


Furniture builders and home builders alike commonly use hardwoods as their material of choice, for obvious reasons.  Hardwoods are durable, of course, but they also tend to have an authentic and natural appearance; more importantly, when made well, items constructed out of hardwoods can last a lifetime (or longer).

Here are the four most popular Woodspec.ca precut hardwood pallet lumber species used throughout the industry, today.Image result for 4 Common Types of Hard Woods


Perhaps the most common type of hardwood used today, oak is a strong and beautiful wood most often used to make household items like furniture, cabinetry, doors, patios, decks, and even housing trim.  You might say that oak is quite versatile.  It is grainy in appearance, for a lovely natural sensibility, but can vary in color.  Red oak has a tone range of light brown to pinkish, and it has a swirling pattern.  White oak has a tiger-stripe-like grain with both yellow flecks and yellow rays.

Either color has a distinct look that you can highlight very easily.  But the grain can darken, over time, and become more exaggerated if you stain it. And if you do stain it, the wood will come to look a little two-toned, which is not quite as exquisite as its natural appearance.


Unlike oak, maple has a creamy, white texture to it.  This makes it appear softer than it actually is which is kind of a cool thing for a hard wood. It will give off a more gentle feel; and because of this, builders like maple for things like a bedroom dresser or kitchen cabinets.

One excellent benefit to maple, though, is how affordable it is compared to other hard woods.  That is another reason builders like it: it keeps costs down but still allows you to build a home that can last many generations.  But you do have to be conscious of sealing it, if you do this improperly the final product will look at bit blotchy.


Cherry has fine, straight grains and, of course, a reddish-brown tone.  Cherry is a popular wood for carved chairs, tables, and cabinets because it is easier to shape than most other hardwoods. At the same time, though, cherry can be expensive and needs to be regularly preserved or it will darken over time.


Finally, walnut is a unique hardwood with a  deep, chocolate brown hue. Sometimes it can be lighter, of course, but you can typically tell when it is walnut wood.  The dark tone typically means you do not have to stain walnut, and that is why it is a popular choice for furniture and veneered pieces.

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