4 Easy Ways to Unfreeze Your Air Conditioner

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Did your air conditioner freeze on you?

Don’t know how to fix it?

Use these easy options to defrost the air conditioner and ensure its full functionality.

  • Turn Your Air Conditioner Off

The foremost option for defrosting your air conditioner is to turn it off. Simply switch it off and wait for the ice to melt out in the form of water. Since you have to let it melt, place a bucket underneath it so you don’t have to worry about wiping water from the floor.

Once, all the ice has melted away then you have to keep the air conditioner off for at least 24 hours so the coils inside can get dried up before you switch it on.  

If your air conditioner freezes up regularly and each time you have to repeat the same process then you should get it checked from AC repair professional contractors. There might be an issue with it which could get fixed permanently through repairs. Turning it off works but it is a temporary solution until something better can be done about it.

  • Change Your Air Filter

When your air conditioner freezes up you should check your air filter. It may be that it has clogged due to accumulation of excessive dirt. It can limit air flow and cause icing up of the coils. In the case that your filter is reusable, you should wash it and if it is disposal then you must change it.

As prevention you should change your filter at least once a month. In this manner, ice will never accumulate on the coils due to a clogged filter. If it still freezes up then you can eliminate a dirty filter from your list of reasons and focus your attention to other parts that may have a hand in it.

  • Clean Out the Evaporator Coil

Dusty evaporator coils can also freeze up your air conditioner. If your filter is fine then you should check the coils. At times, simply cleaning up the evaporator coils can reduce ice. This happens when the coils have not been cleaned in a long while. In order to keep ice from building up because of the coils you should clean them on a regular basis.

  • See if Your Refrigerant has a Leak

Sometimes, ice gathers on the coils because there is a leak in the refrigerant. You can identify a leak if you see water accumulating by your HVAC unit. Freezing up of the air conditioner is also an indication of the leak. If such is the case then only repairmen can help you. There is no other way to fix the leak. As soon as you identify it, you should call professional help.

Air conditioners freeze up a lot during winters due to cold weather. In summers, however, that is not the case. If you find your air conditioner frozen in summer then you must devise a way to fix it. Affordable Air offers many services including cleaning, repairing and replacing your HVAC system at your doorstep. Keep your HVAC system well-maintained so it gives you no troubles.


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