4 Effective Methods of Graffiti Removal

The art of graffiti has always been received with mixed feelings. To some, it is a beautiful way to express themselves, and to others it is vandalism.

The latter is especially true when the graffiti appears on the walls of offices, government-owned buildings, schools, universities, etc.

However, there is a good reason that graffiti, at times, might be considered an offense and the owner whose building walls have been vandalized may choose to file a lawsuit against the vandals. Graffiti can consist of pictures, abstract pictures, and/or words.

Often times, the graffiti is harmless and may just be bursts of colors spewed all over the walls. However, sometimes those pictures and words can be lewd in nature, which certainly is inappropriate to display on public walls, let alone on official buildings.

Hence the owners of the buildings will have to remove the vile words or designs from the walls. This can be a difficult task, but you can do so by the employment of these helpful techniques:

 Paint over the graffiti

If the graffiti covers a larger area and has not seeped into the walls then you can paint over it. You can get a color that is similar to the walls of the building. However, make sure to buy sealer coat paint otherwise the graffiti might bleed out through the new coat of paint. You also need to keep the shade in mind. If the color is dark then you can just paint over the graffiti, but if the wall color is light it would be advisable to remove the graffiti first otherwise the vibrant colors of the graffiti may show through.


You can remove the traces of graffiti from your property by using some specialist products. You can buy the newer, more efficient solvents from the nearest hardware store to you. However, you need to make sure that the product is not toxic otherwise it can bring potential harm to your health and those around you.

Water Pressure or Blasting

Graffiti, colossal sized and painted on a porous and previously unpainted surface, may need a little bit of a more heavy duty cleaning system. For such a situation it is better that you use water at a high pressure or a sandblaster. It is recommended that you hire and expert to do the cleaning because one false would lead to the creation of an unwanted pore in the structure. If you do use a pressure washing technique, it is better to use a washer with low pressure and a wider spray nozzle.


If the graffiti has been sprayed on the unweathered and paint sealed wood, then you should use mineral spirits to clean off the painting. However, you need to keep in check that the wood should not be weathered otherwise the painting will seep into the wall. Paint thinners will remove graffiti from metal and glass surfaces more efficiently. If the graffiti has been done with a felt pen on the glass, aluminum, or smooth cement then you only have to use dishwashing detergent.

It is up to you and the situation which paint removal method you would like to use, the crucial thing is that you act fast before the paint dries and becomes too stubborn to remove.

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