4 Types Of Air Conditioning System Used At Home

Having a Houston heating and cooling is a great relief for many American households. No longer do they have to worry about the house being too warm or too cold. The temperature can easily be adjusted with the touch of a few buttons. Unlike in the past when the system is separate, you have to wait for a long time before the house heats up or cools down. But with the modern combined system, you can adjust the temperature at will.

The new air conditioning system made life a lot easier for many American homes. If you are still using an old system or the traditional furnace, maybe it is time to make the change finally. It does not only make your life easier but it also does not consume as much electricity, thus making it more efficient.

However, before you change your system, it is best to learn about the different types of AC system that are commonly used in houses so you can determine which one of these types will fit your home conveniently.

Window AC System

The window air conditioner is the most basic among the different types of AC. It is often used for smaller spaces like one bedroom apartments or a bachelor’s pad. You can use this type of system if you are planning to heat one room of the house. But if you are planning to have a system for the entire home, then it is not the ideal one. And as the name implies, it is situated by the window. Do not worry about design since if you know how to position it, it can blend with the window quickly. This system is one of the most affordable ones even regarding cost and operation.

Packaged AC System

The packaged AC system is best for offices and homes. It is designed to heat and cool multiple areas. It is often used in larger spaces like commercial buildings. So if your house is average or huge, it is an excellent system to try since you do not have to install different ones in different areas of the house. There are two different types of packaged AC. The first type has two casings wherein the expansion valve, and the cooling coil is together, and the other has the condenser and compressor. The second type is the compact type which has all parts in one box.

Split AC System

The split system is one of the most popular types of a system used in many different homes. You might even have noticed it in some houses since one part is always placed outside the building. This type of AC system is best for smaller houses that do not have many rooms to heat.

Centralized AC System

The centralized air conditioning system is often used for more prominent establishments such as hotels, factories, offices, and other buildings. It uses a considerable compressor having the capacity to produce hundreds of tons of air.

If you are interested in upgrading or changing your air conditioning system at home, then feel free to visit our office so we can help you choose the perfect one for your home. We will also help you in the installation, so everything is convenient on your part.

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