5 Design Ideas That You Must Try For Your Small Kitchens

As a home owner, you must have realized that your kitchen is the hub of your family activities. This is the place to which everyone in your family visit, some time or other in a day.  Obviously, you would like the ambient of your kitchen to be attractive, pleasing and aesthetic.

Even if your kitchen is not spacious, some innovative design ideas can add life and character of your small kitchen. The 5 ideas, which you must try include:

  1. Muted Blues for Serenity

Being a bright and cheerful color, blue can bring an ambiance of serenity and calmness to your kitchen. Bold blues can be even more overwhelming.  You can put muted blue on the walls and cabinets of your kitchen.

Add up, by putting a mirror in the sink and have clear doors on the upper-level cabinets. This will create a virtual image of extra dimension to your kitchen.

  1. Open Shelves

Your cutlery and crockery sets have great aesthetic value if arranged systematically and innovatively. This can be achieved by adopting the concept of open shelves. If you have many cabinets in already congested kitchen, it will display the appearance of a box.

Keep your utensils and other cooking accessories in the open and display them proudly. Your small kitchen will look more spacious instead of dingy and mechanical. Moreover, the ceramic and china clay crockery will add to the color combination of your kitchen.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Furniture Piece

The constraint of space is the major drawback in the functionalities and appearance of your small kitchen. Try, building an entire kitchen counter with the shelving space, sink and microwave into a single piece, extending from the floor to the ceiling.

This single piece looks beautiful when opened, as well as when closed.  Besides fitting well to the rest of the shabby home design, it can function as a bar for a game or a parlor.  

  1. Modern and Minimalist

Try the idea of making your kitchen more sunny, cheerful and inviting. You can make this by using greeneries and floor-to ceiling windows. Keep your spices in decorative jars on shelves, instead of keeping in closed cabinets.

Avoid keeping the odd looking items like empty tins or jars, exposed. Instead, keep only the minimum and essential items exposed. This will eliminate the shabby chic look of your small kitchen.

  1. Black & White Chandelier Finish

Apartment kitchens have incredibly narrower space and lower ceilings. As a result, they give a dull and dreary look. You can bring life to it by painting the ceiling and a single wall in chalkboard black paint with a chandelier finish. It gives a floor-to-ceiling look.

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