5 Things That You Should Know When Choosing a Bidet Toilet Seat

Bidet toilet seats have become more popular recently. With all the convenience that it brings, it’s no secret that more and more people want to try it. If you are among them, you might not be sure where to start. We have compiled here five of the things that you should know when buying a bidet toilet seat.

  1. Fitting

In most cases, a bidet seat will fit your current toilet. In 100 cases, 98 will find a fi bidet that fits. To avoid being included in the two, use a bidet seat fitting chart.

Toilets with French curve are harder to find a bidet seat that will fit. The curvature of the tank of the water limits the space behind the bowl thus restricting the area where the bidet’s rear is supposed to sit.

An estimate of 75% of all toilets has an elongated size. Be sure to check your toilets size whether it is elongated or round before ordering. This step will ensure that the bidet you bought will match the toilet.

  1. Electricity

An outlet is needed when you buy an electric bidet. When you face the toilet, most seats have the electrical cord extended on the right side. An approximate length of 3.5 feet is typical to all bidet electric cords.

  1. Remote Controls

A bidet with a remote control is better than having none. It is a standard in most bidets sold nowadays. A lot of bidets currently have the control panels attached at the back. This placement is not only ergonomic, but it is also no very comfortable when you have to twist your body just to touch the control panel.

With the use of a remote, the bidet is more comfortable to operate and is highly recommended for senior citizens and mobility-challenged individuals. All remotes have a wall mounting bracket included in the package, so it’s easy just to place it on the wall. These remotes can also slide out of the mount and hold in your hand.

  1. Tankless

Make sure that the bidet that you choose has a tankless water heating.  Most of the recently produced seat models have opted for a tankless water heating because these are more energy efficient. It is only on when you turn it on, and the reservoir tank heaters make sure that the water is warm 24/7 just in case someone uses it.

Heating systems that are tankless also look aesthetically better. Unlike bidets with tanks,  the bidet has no large water tank inside which makes the seat contemporary and modern looking.

  1. Long-term

Bidets are excellent in the long run. With a lifespan of at least seven years, a bidet seat is a long-term purchase. Having a long estimated life, you can save more on buying toilet paper as the bidet seat is here to stay for a very long time.

A bidet seat is for everyday use. They may not be cheap but considering the length of time it is used, and the improvement it brings, getting a bidet seat is among the long-term purchases that one can make. An example of a bidet seat that is available for purchase in the market is the Blooming bidet toilet seat.

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