A definitive guide to wooden flooring

One thing immediately strikes you about solid wood floors today – the amazing range of woods and finishes from which you can choose. At one time, wood was wood. You could sand or polish it, and that was about it.

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Today, wood is more precious and expensive and laying a new solid wood floor is a major investment for many people; therefore, a number of solutions that make the best use of the wood have been developed.

Solid wood flooring

There is nothing like solid wood flooring for adding value and creating a floor that will last forever; however, there are those who say it is wasteful to install a full thickness wooden floor when all you really want is the look and feel of wood on the top layer.


Thinner solid wood floors

Strong and supple solid wood floors can now be obtained at reasonable prices from stockists such as http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/solid-wood-flooring, as the planks used are not as thick as in the past. The excellent prices for these reflect the fact that this is a more sustainable option for wooden flooring. Suppliers can now import timber grown sustainably across the world, which has also helped to make solid wood floors more affordable.

Decorative flooring effects

Many people who are restoring a period home want to install solid wood floors in keeping with the period; for example, many 1920s and 30s homes would have had parquet flooring. Originally, this would have been in natural wood colours; today, it is possible to get wooden block flooring in a range of different woods and colours.

In modern schemes, decorative effects such as herringbone are very popular. With these floors, as with plank floors, both full thickness hardwood and engineered wood with a finished layer on top are available.

Engineered wood flooring

If you can’t have a solid wood floor for any reason, consider an engineered wood floor. This can give you the look and feel of a traditional hardwood floor; in fact, it can be almost impossible to tell it apart from a hardwood floor.

Cleaning wooden floors

Don’t be tempted to use a cleaner intended for vinyl; instead, a damp mop and a wood cleaning soap are all you need. Be careful not to get the floor very wet, as this will raise the grain of the wood.

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