A dividing garden: Ask your professional landscaping service today

To separate the patio or garden from unwanted visitors or prying eyes, you can assemble partitions of planks with planters at the base. There you can grow aromatic herbs and vegetables from climbing plants such as tomatoes and peas. This resource helps to gain privacy with the plus of being able to harvest the own vegetables. For those who are not encouraged by carpentry, you can always buy it done.

To achieve a virtual division in a short time you can buy some linear meters of treillage. There are some plastic and other wood that must be painted and protected to tolerate being out in the open. In them you can climb the plants to gradually cover the space to give a full vegetable screen. Another economic alternative is to make a fence of rods arranged horizontally. They are economical and easy to handle, and they tolerate humidity and bad weather well. Let’s see some other Landscape Architecture ideas to modify your garden landscape.

Fabrics and curtains

You do not need to invest a lot of money since you can buy diaper or gauze fabrics, which have an open and light weave that protects without dulling. Of all the mentioned resources, it is the easiest to carry out and the one that requires the least investment. A fence of pots is an original solution to sift the view from the outside. They can be tied on a metal structure or wooden braces, and as they grow they will protect the space more so that it cannot be seen from the outside.

The advantage of using pots is that they can be renewed with each season, although you have to have the constancy of watering them one by one. For those who have little time or patience, it is worth using artificial plants.

A pergola to enjoy                                                                                         

Building a pergola can be an interesting resource to sift the vision with the surroundings. You can start with a wooden structure from which to suspend some plants to complete the space. There you can also hang fabrics to make the whole more exotic, and at the same time being an idea to hide from strangers, it can become a meeting space with friends or with the family.

Conclusion: Professional advice

Landscaping is not only entertaining to plan and implement, but, if done properly, It can even lower your energy costs, provide years of comfort and joy and increase the value of your property. Design and privacy can go very well together. A fence or wall of design can make the difference between a little patio just like that and a garden to relax and relax.

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