A Good Living to Be Made In the Corporate Housing Market

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Indeed, investment it the corporate housing market would be a wise move by anyone. So, let’s assume that you have the funds to enter this market and you do have a property or two for sale or for rent. There are many things to do first before you even think of entering the market. What do you offer the public at large? Would you be prepared to invest is upmarket accommodation? If the answer is yes then you can start by joining this group. You need to be known as a team member and list your property immediately in a specific group. It might be worth improving your property by the inclusion of amenities and or facilities it might not have.


The more upmarket your property, the higher the rental fees paid. Short term or long term there are many amenities clients look for. The location of your property will definitely be a number one spot especially is it closely associated to a large town or city. Clients will view your property in competition with others of a similar nature.


To begin with there are a number of different packages that you can join. You could have an annual package or a monthly package. You may even consider the bulk package if you have multiple properties and there are various bulk owner listings. There are of course, some monthly fees associated with joining the CHBO as they will list your property in a certain group and it will become part of their portfolio. Luckily there are no additional fees or commissions. There are many options they offer to ensure you get a good return on your investment.


You may well consider, in order to promote your product, to have a feature listing which is a premium slot. They offer to show professional photographs of your property on their website. You can also opt for the virtual tour aspect whereby would be clients can really view your property in 3D, possible on YouTube. CHBO will also help clients navigate through uncharted territory when it comes to housing rentals.


The CHBO will guarantee that your property will be rented with 30 days of listing. You simply contact the online within 30 to 60 days from your listing date and a property review will take place by specialist enabling you to obtain all the benefits CHBO offers and maybe extend your annual listing/s. Basically, the CHBO is there to assist you to rent your property.


You will also receive annual property reports and property valuations free of charge when joining. Together with this there is all the corporate housing news as well as the spotlight on property generally. There is investment news and tips on what sort of properties to invest in. Generally speaking, the CHBO is an institution where you can be sure of a good return on your property investments.