A guide to Purchase the Best Goose down Quilt

Goose down is regarded as one of the greatest and most comfortable bedding options mainly due to its durability and warmth. There are some types of goose down quilt available in the market and choosing the best one sometimes become very difficult. One must ensure to buy goose down quilt of the best quality, for that they need to have proper knowledge about each of the types of this quilt. Since choosing the right one becomes very confusing and hence, requires thorough research.

Just because the name says ‘down goose’ one should not expect that the entire comforter contains 100% goose down. There are brands available in the market that mix low-grade cheap quality fillers with goose down just to reduce the comforter’s cost. Duck down is the most popular one, duvet duck down and doona duck down being majorly in demand.

Here are listed few of the types of down goose comforter filling that are widely available in the market:

  • Hungarian goose down

This type comforter is greatly known for its density and largeness and is said to be the best goose down type.

  • White and grey goose down

The name is just concerned with the feather colors and has no relation to the warmth or the comforter’s quality.

  • Chinese goose down

This type is usually said to be the lowest goose down quality mainly because this quilt has been harvested from young geese with immature feathers and not large and dense plumes.

  • Cruelty-free goose down

This type is originated from the geese that did not get slaughtered for harvesting their feathers.

  • Siberian goose down

One should not go by the name ‘Siberian’ as this type of goose down does not come from Siberia. This term is nothing but a marketing ploy, and it comes down from China.

The fill power of goose down quilt

There exists a rating of fill power among all goose down quilts. This rating stands for the number of cubic inches as per each ounce of down feathers got the ability to take up. The high rating represents that the cluster of goose down is dense and large. Also, high rating ones tend to be warmer than other similar sized products.

This fill power can be regarded as one of the finest quality indicators of such goose down comforters. This high rating goose down quilts will not be warmer but also the most durable one because of the amazing strength of the feathers. Therefore, such high fill power quilts serve the best purpose for colder seasons, whereas the lower rating ones are enough for comparatively warmer conditions.

For a better understanding, here is a list of fill weight along with the warmth/quality they can provide:

  • 250-350 -> low-grade quality and a lesser amount of insulation
  • 350-450 -> low quality as well as less insulation
  • 450-600 -> medium grade warmth and average quality
  • 600-700 -> standard quality and greater warmth
  • 750 and higher -> great superior quality with incredible warmth

Construction of Goose down Comforter

Goose down quilt is considered as the super king of comforters because of the quality that it has to offer. Quilt construction can be defined as the comforter being comprised of two different fabrics filled with goose feathers. These two separate fabric pieces are sewn together to form a quilt further creating pockets for the goose feathers. After this, these feathers are placed in their particular pockets. The placed feathers can shift their position, thereby letting the warmth escape through the quilted seams. To prevent this, comforters are usually made either by ‘baffle box’ or superior ‘quilt’ construction.

Baffle box comforters use nearly the same technique as quilt construction, just that it includes a higher level of sophistication. Here, the fabric pockets or the baffle boxes are sown into the comforter’s inner part unlike sewing the fabrics’ other layers into pockets. High-quality quilts tend to possess greater and different baffle boxes’ layers. Therefore, here are comforter will be warm throughout without much shifting of the feathers.

The king and queen comforters are also quite popular and are bought by some people online. For goose down comforter, different cotton types are used as per the demand of customers on superior or average quality. The major three types are:

  • Egyptian cotton- the best and the strongest type available in the world.
  • Pima cotton- also known as ‘Supima,’ this type is also soft in nature but strong in durability.
  • American Upland- not strong like other types though considered as 100% cotton.

Goose down quilts Australia is said to produce the best quality comforters and are handpicked by the experts regarding warmth and durability. Goose down feathers claims to last a lifetime or even longer than that. Before purchasing one should have proper knowledge about the types of quilts to choose the right one based on their needs and budget.