A Professional Pest Control Service – Always Your Best Bet

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare: noticing the presence of pests in your abode. It doesn’t matter whether a bunch of ants in your basement, rodents rattling up your ceiling, or just a couple of spider webs somewhere — encountering pests can leave you unsettled. Your mind immediately goes into combat mode, thus inviting the temptation to tackle the problem using over-the-counter solutions. But as you will find out, there are several key advantages to using a pest control service vs doing it yourself.


Like every household is unique, no two infestations can be similar. That means the best way to combat pests will vary across situations. As such, proper extermination requires studying the infestation in detail before creating a plan.

And it’s here that a DIY approach falls short the most. When searching for pest control methods online, you’ll only come across general ideas, rather than the specific information you need to eliminate the critters for good. On the other hand, a professional will consider factors like the size of your home, number of rooms, and risk of re-occurrence before proceeding.


It’s one thing to be able to buy pesticides on your own, but do you know how to use them properly? What kind of gear will you use to keep yourself safe during the application? And what measures will you apply to avoid creating a health hazard in your home?

For one, pesticides aren’t always necessary in extermination; pest management experts only use them as a last resort. More, crucially, they know how to fight pests with the least amount of toxins. This ensures that pesticides don’t eliminate one problem only to create another. Are you confident in your ability to achieve that?


It’s an understatement to say that pest management is a lot of work. Besides the actual extermination, you need to get rid of the dead bugs and their droppings. You also need to deal with the factors that attracted them to your home in the first place, as well as potential habitats.

And that equates to a whole handful of tasks to squeeze into your already-busy routine (well, if you’re anything like the average homeowner). Even if you could free up a day or two, it might not be enough time to tackle the problem for good. Not to mention that timing is key when it comes to applying control measures; A DIY attempt may actually set you back in the war against critters.

On the flip side, a good pest control company will know how to time everything perfectly. They’ll also take care of all aspects of the extermination process so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. Most importantly, hiring a professional will eliminate the risk of wasting your time with trial-and-error methods.

Other Advantages to Using a Pest Control Service Vs Doing It Yourself

Still not convinced that hiring a pro is in your best interest? Here’s why you should do it anyway:

-Convenient: Bringing in a pro means you won’t have to deal with the nasties of extermination (cleaning up droppings, getting bitten or stung, etc).

-You’ll become a wiser homeowner: …Or rather, more informed. You see, a good contractor will acquaint you more on pests and their behaviors, plus any prevention measures you might have overlooked. This in information will prove very useful with regards to future invasions.

-Follow-up: Speaking of future, contractors will usually offer follow-up visits as part of their warranties. Check to ensure that you won’t have to pay more for this.

All in all, no one understands pest control as well as an experienced pest control contractor. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise — the benefits of hiring them far outweigh any savings you could achieve on your own.

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