A Smooth Move in 3 Easy Steps

Moving can certainly be a big job, disliked by many, but there are ways anybody can take to make the transition smoother and easier. To start with, don’t fall for putting off the preparation until it’s late. If smartly undertaken, preparing to move can be energizing and cathartic.



There are two points that require getting prepared for moving: one is packing your current home, and the other is preparing your new home. Let’s start with the current home. Most people know they are going to be moving well in advance, so preparation can begin as soon as the decision has been made to move, and even in some cases before a new home is found. The more time you have, the less stressful this step will be, and you will only have to spend a small amount of time each day doing it.

Step One: Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Unwanted items are anything that you never use, or something that should be replaced. Also under this label is anything you just don’t want anymore, but haven’t gotten around to disposing of. Just simply take on one room at a time, and give yourself a week or so to complete the job, and you may be surprised at how many unwanted items you just might have!

Step Two: Pack As You Go.

The wonderful thing about going through rooms to remove unwanted items, is that you can also specifically pack things you won’t be using before the move. Photo albums, books, out of season clothing, and curios you want, and so on. It’s much easier to pack when you aren’t under pressure! Play some music or put on a DVD and enjoy! During the process, make sure to mark every box with the room it came from, and its basic contents, or create a manifest if you prefer. A professional removalist company can do this for you, so it is not too important as to where the boxes assemble, but do try to make a space as near to the front door as possible. This shortens the movers walk to their truck!

Step Three: Getting Your New Home Ready

Take a wander around your new home and imagine moving your items inside. After going through them for a number of weeks, you should now have a good idea of just what goes where. Should you be lucky enough to be living in Australia and seeking cheap removalists in Melbourne, check out experienced experts at their job and at an affordable price. By the time of your moving day, your new home should be clean and ready to move into, and all items from your current home should all have been packed and ready.


Moving using this method, will make things not only painless, but also somewhat enjoyable. After all, you are moving into a new future from somewhere in the past! The key is to start well ahead of time and break everything down into small steps! Make the move and make it smooth!

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