Absolute Carpet Care Has Modified their Carpet Cleaning Equipment

This company uses a very powerful extraction machine that is mounted on a powerful truck to make sure that steam is used on all their Brisbane carpet cleaning processes. This machine is a piece of powerful equipment that will deliver more vacuum power, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets. This company have made a name for themselves in the carpet cleaning industry for offering professional services at a price for cleaning that is affordable.

They offer 3 type of carpet cleaning packages to ensure everyone’s carpet cleaning needs are met:

Absolute Carpet Cleaning Service in Brisbane have packages that are competitively priced and if you have any stains that are stubborn and requires more attention, they have a Rotary Agitation service for deep stains requiring a soft pad or brush for additional charges. Rotary Agitation loosens any soiling from the carpet fibres, cleaning the carpet up to 50 percent better.

4-Step Carpet Cleaning Budget System

Their budget cleaning packagesareperfect for the “end of lease application”; bond cleaning. This Budget Carpet Cleaning System is a process including:

  1. 4-step Pre-inspection with spot amp; stain survey. Professional guidance and assessment of the carpets;
  2. Pre-spotting and conditioning (some spots and stains extra);
  3. Powerful “truck mount” steam withdrawal. Powerful equipment delivers more vacuum, and this is resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets. 
  4. Deodorising.

Budget Prices of Package Carpet Cleaning:

  • 2 bedrooms start at $110;
  • 3 bedrooms start at $132;
  • 4 bedrooms start at $154;
  • Commercial as well as larger areas – phone chat to one of consultants on 1300 136 365.

5 – Step Carpet Cleaning System Regular

This Carpet Cleaning Packageis perfect for general carpet maintenance and is 8 steps such as:

  1. Pre-inspected and stain and spot survey. Professional guidance and evaluation for your carpets;
  2. Pre-vacuuming with work up-right, hospital rated filtration. Dry vacuum will only get about 70% of dry soil;
  3. Powerful equipment will vacuum more, ensuing in cleaner and dryer carpets;
  4. Spotting and pre-conditioning (some stains and spots) extra;
  5. Deodorising.


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