Add Privacy to Your Yard with Slat Screens Made of Aluminium

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If you want to increase privacy and security, the best way to do so is to include a security fence. However, you may be wondering what style is the best. Before you select, you have to consider the Australian environment. Given the harshness of the weather at times, you need to review fence materials.

Make the Choice for Aluminium

If you have been thinking about adding a timber fence, consider the maintenance. Timber fences require staining or painting. However, when you choose a privacy fence made of aluminium, you forego this type of upkeep.

Therefore, first look at slat screens that are made of aluminium. You can choose from privacy or semi-private designs. Any can be customised to your precise requirements. You can also use slat screens in one of various ways for added privacy and security.

For example, the bespoke metal screens can be used in the form of aluminium slat fencing in Perth, as in-fills in current walls, or even to conceal air conditioning units or pool filters. You are not limited in your choices as you can choose from various fencing alternatives.

Frameless Slat Screen Designs

One of the most popular types of slat fencing today is frameless slat screens made with aluminium. In fact, all the screens are made of a commercial-grade metal and are pre-assembled in the factory. Therefore, the fences are easier to install.

Choose From Solid Powder-Coated Hues

You can select from a broad range of powder-coated colours or pick from aluminium slats that resemble timber. The slats are normally affixed between pillars or they can be installed with matching posts. Using the posts permits for larger spans.

A Boxed Frame Design

Besides a frameless system for a slat fence, you might consider a fully welded frame. Configured in a boxed screen design, this type of fence system offers additional structure and support for a larger yard. When the fence is installed with a welded gate, it provides a neat appearance.

TIG Welded Secure Fences and Gates

All of the frames for the fence are TIG welded, thereby offering a robust join that is more resilient. You need this type of strength when you combine the fence with a swinging gate. Otherwise, the frame joins can show their age sooner. The frame size you choose depends on your structural needs and the span of the fencing.

Elliptical Designed Screens

If you want to enjoy both privacy and style in a fence design, you may want to consider elliptical or aero screens made of aluminium. The screens offer privacy by conveying a shuttered appearance. All the screens come in powder-coated colours as well. Besides fences, you can use the aero screens for driveway and pedestrian gates or as infill panels.

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