An easy way to transfer your things from one place to another

Mumbai is a dream city. Getting a job and living in a space of talented hub is always a dream for most of the people who are not from mumbai. Mumbai is always described as a sleepless city which never miss the beat. Mumbai always hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

I am an IT engineer from a re-known college. As soon as I completed my studies, I got a placement in the dream city of Mumbai. I am basically from hyderabad and my whole family stays there. When I was supposed to join my job in mumbai, I had to transfer all necessary things with me. As I was alone migrating from my hometown to mumbai, I didn’t have to face any issue with transferring things. Image result for An easy way to transfer your things from one place to another

For two-three months I lived as a paying guest in a house with some of my colleagues. But I was not comfortable over there so searched for a room in rent. As I was a bachelor, many house owners resisted me to give a house for rent and some gave me a house but the rates were quite expensive. Finally, after some months I got an house for an affordable rent and started living there.

Drawback of other packer and mover service

I used to visit my hometown occasionally to meet my parents. I have an hobby of purchasing models which are made up of glass from my childhood. Since childhood, I had a great collection of glass models which were very attractive. Once I decided to carry some of my glass models with me to mumbai but packing them in my luggage felt unsafe so decided to book a packer and mover service for the help. They assured me that the things will be safely reached at my house without any damage. I believed on them and also informed that the things are made up of glass and are breakable. Later, they brought all the packages at my home in mumbai and it was costly. As the things were very close to my heart so I didn’t bargain or think twice about the cost. As soon as I opened the pack, I could see broken glass pieces. I had brought 5-6 glass models in which only one or two were unbroken and the rest all had either damaged or broken. I complained about their service but there were no use. The only thing which had happen was I lost my money and my attractive glass models.

After few months, my parents decided to stay with me in mumbai because the frequent visit to my hometown wasn’t possible and I had no time to cook food for myself. During their shifting it was for sure that we needed to transfer bulk of things with us as they had planned to settle here with me. This time I was frustrated about moving things safely and especially about my glass models. Now I didn’t want to take risk with my glass models so I searched for a good packer and mover service.

Arrival of best best packer and mover service

During that time, one of my colleague suggested me about a new company who provides best packer and mover service in mumbai. The reason I thought of trying that company was because my friend too was a migrant and he had experienced a great service facility from them. Then too at first I thought of just trying and not risking my glass models. So I contacted them and they helped me to pack my things efficiently so that no products will be damaged and later brought those things efficiently without any damage. During this time, I had only transferred only two glass models and they were brought safely.

Later I contacted them again and asked their service to transfer all my glass models without any damage. All the glass models were brought to my house in mumbai safely and with full care as they had assured me. I was totally happy and impressed about the service. Later, during vacations I used to go to hyderabad and shop many glass models and would ask the packers and movers service by the same company and as usual they sticked to their words.

Are you eager to hear the name of the best packer and mover service? It is shipler. They provide best service at affordable cost and you can blindly trust on their service.

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