Be Prepared For The Winter With These Heating Options

Whilst the majority of homes nowadays have central heating, there are still some out there that rely on alternative heating appliances to provide adequate warmth. Perhaps you’ve never got round to having central heating installed and just can’t face the upheaval it would cause. Or maybe you live in a rental property and the landlord has provided a different form of heating for you to use. Whichever applies to you, you may find you need to upgrade your heating options to keep you warm this coming Winter.

A good way of providing some background heat is to use a Portable Oil Filled Radiator which can be moved from room to room as you need it. If you plug it into a timer then it will take the chill from the air before you need to get out of bed in the morning. In fact some models will come with a built in timer for convenience. For a more instant type of heat you could go for a Convector Heater instead with manufacturers such as Dimplex incorporating a programmable timer into the heater.

Taking a shower or bath when it’s freezing cold outside is no joke. Not only will the bathroom suffer from excessive amounts of condensation, it won’t be a pleasant experience. Solve these problems with an Infra-Red Wall Heater which is based on the old traditional designs from many years ago. Once again Dimplex manufacture several different models that have a spiral element in a modern silver grey body. Alternatively you could go for a wall mounted fan heater instead which will provide a downflow of warm air to heat the room. Other options include a ceiling mounted heat and light unit which can also be used as a light fitting only in warmer weather.

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