Bed Frame Bonanza: Iron vs Wood

Bed frames are more than a decoration to match the rest of a bedroom set. The right bed frame brings stability, aesthetic, and durability, depending on the chosen material. With every product out there, there’s a better alternative that reigns supreme. In this case, we’re going to discuss iron frames versus wooden bed frames and how they are better than their tree-made counterparts.


Iron Frame vs. Wooden Frame

There’s no denying that wooden frames look great and come in many different styles, but iron frames are more than just four metal poles. Not only is metal much sturdier than most types of wood used for modern bed frames, but they come in a higher variety than you think and bring minimalism to the forefront of your bedroom design.

Disadvantages to using a wooden bedframe include its heaviness. The weight of a wooden bed frame makes it difficult to become portable when it’s time for moving. Iron frames are much lighter, despite the material. Those who live in homes with stairs who plan on moving anytime soon, or in the future, should step away from the idea of a wooden bed frame.

Sturdiness is another disadvantage to using a wooden frame. While antique bed frames are much sturdier because they are hand crafted, iron frames can withstand the decades. Wood slats that are underneath the bed to hold the mattress tend to break extremely often on wooden bed frames, whereas iron frames use metal rods installed by welding.

As for price, wooden frames can quickly become high in price due to the intricate woodwork and the source of the wood. The bigger the frame and higher the quality, the more money it will cost, whereas iron frames are relatively inexpensive and suitable for the average budget.

How to Dress Up an Iron Frame

One of the primary reasons why people don’t choose an iron bed frame over wooden is because of the lack of cosiness they initially bring on. With the right accessories, an iron frame is cosier than the average wooden bed frame. Below, you can learn how to dress up the average metal frame and bring a sense of sleek sophistication into the bedroom.


Four-post iron frame – A four-post iron frame allows you to drape a canopy material overhead. Doing so gives you a cosier and more intimate feel within the bed. Looking up at four metal rods at night may not be the best nighttime view; alternatively, you can stare up at a calming colour that relaxes you and makes the room décor feel more wholesome through the incorporation of a canopy.

Wooden accessories – When opting for an iron frame, you could always choose to incorporate wood elsewhere to still receive that cosy feeling wood can bring. For example, a four-post iron frame with a canopy would look great with a matching wooden bureau and nightstand on each side. A darker metal frame with darker wood accessories set is a fantastic way to incorporate functionality and a wholesome aesthetic.

Iron frames are a timeless staple in the bedroom’s design and functionality. Choosing the right kind and dressing it up for the person who sleeps there will pose many advantages over the average wooden frame any day of the week.

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