Benefits of Considering Wooden Crates for Shipping

Custom crates are made of various materials including wood, plywood, hardboard, particle board, and OSB. The crates are of various types such as shipping crates, production crates, fine art crates, trade show crates, motorcycle crates, etc. Most companies prefer custom wood crates for shipping heavy, large, or awkward items. The custom wood crates are made to fit the products that are needed to be shipped. With the help of custom wood crates, your products can be shipped safely without any damage. The wooden crates are constructed with six sides but vary in size and design according to the customer needs. The wooden crate design will be determined based on the product to be shipped, the storage condition and the transportation method. Most crate services design ISPM certified shipping crates in a short span to respond quickly to large special orders or seasonal peaks.

Regardless of the development of the other materials, the wooden crate remains one of the most economical sources available in the market for packaging. Here we have mentioned few benefits of considering wooden crates for shipping.


Comparing to crates made of other materials of the same size, the wooden crates are more affordable. Due to this reason, most people prefer custom wooden crates for shipping or packaging needs. Also, if you need to replace, customize, or redesign the wooden crates, it is easy, simple, affordable and can be done anytime. In case, if your crate needs replacement after several uses, certain parts can be replaced instead of replacing the whole crate. This also can help you save cost and reduce landfill loads.


The custom shipping crates are made of durable materials, and when it comes to wooden crates, it is very durable and last for many years. If the crate is made of wood product, it can satisfy international shipping requirements and withstand the significant weight. Using the right wood material can ensure that the products that are shipped are safe and protected in shipment. Custom crates can deliver excellent weight distribution that prevents damage to the goods stored inside it.

Great for Stacking

Custom wooden crates help you to use more space in your facilities and shipping. By placing one wooden crate on top of another will allow you to stack them. However, by stacking the wooden crates, you can utilize the height of your facility and save more floor space.


As the wooden crates are sustainable, it can be reused and redesigned. By reusing the used wooden crates, you can maximize your profit and minimize various environmental impacts. The custom crates are designed to protect your valuables and to protect your products.


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