Best emergency locksmith vans of 2019

Locksmith vans are essentially, utility vehicles which are equipped to hold all the machinery and tools required by locksmiths to perform their jobs. Utility vans should have the capacity to hold a bench grinder, a small key duplicator and an ITL machine. The bench grinder is needed to grind down keys for various repairs and it also includes a wire brush wheel to remove debris and brass from keys.

While most emergency locksmith shops would cut the key in-house, the small key duplicator aids in pre-cutting the keys for customers so that they do not have to visit the store. The ITL machine is used to cut keys and pin locks according to the factory specifications. These machines are powered with the vans battery via a special power-inverter, making the locksmith van the ultimate workshop on wheels. Space is what is most important to these locksmith vans and listed below are some of the best options:

  • Mercedes: Sprinter

This van is perfect on fuel consumption, approximately 19 miles per gallon of Diesel. The storage capacity in terms of width and height is 70.1” x 66.6”. However, maintenance costs can be high but you have the most storage room, features and the best mileage from this vehicle when compared to the others.

  • Nissan: NV 2500

This van is great on maintenance and you can get approximately 12 miles per gallon of Petrol, which is not too great in terms of fuel economy. The storage capacity in terms of width and height is 70.2” x 55.8” so you can still benefit from standing room and storage capacity.

  • Chevrolet: Express

This van is very good on maintenance and good on fuel consumption, approximately 15 miles per gallon of Petrol. However, the storage capacity is a bit small at 57” x 52.9” in terms of width and height. If you can minimize your layout, this van would be perfect because of reliability and very low maintenance needs.

  • Ford: Transit

This van is perfect on both fuel economy, approximately 20 miles gallon of Petrol, as well as storage capacity. In terms of width and height, you have 70.2” x 56.9” of space. You may have issues with maintenance though but all in all, this van can give you the room you need, additional safety features and it is the best so far for fuel consumption in Petrol.

  • Dodge Ram: ProMaster

This vehicle is good on storage capacity and average on fuel consumption, approximately 15 miles per gallon on Petrol. In terms of width and height, storage capacity is 73.3” x 65.4”. Maintenance may cost a pretty penny though but you have more than enough room to set up your locksmith workshop.

  • Mercedes Benz: Metris

This company offers the best car service and maintenance and fuel economy for this vehicle is 21 miles per gallon of Petrol. The storage capacity in terms of width and height is 66.3” x 53.8”, slightly smaller than many of its competitors. However, you can’t go wrong with Mercedes Benz for performance, reliability and features.


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