Best Ways To Know If The Roof Is Damaged From Storm

Storms can cause the destruction of your roofs, especially if the structure is not durable. The heavy storms, like hurricanes and tornadoes, can damage or puncture the shingles or any other material. When the storm stops its effects, you may think that the roof appears to in the original condition. But, if you look at it closely or hire professionals for inspection, you can find several flaws in the structure.

Assess the gutter system and its adjacent parts

The winds, rainfall and hail affect the granules, present on the roofing shingles. All these small particles may get into the guttering system. Moreover, if there is a loss of granules, your structure may have leakage issue. In most cases, the aluminum gutters become damaged due to the storm.

Penetration of water or leakage

Leakage is the most common issue, caused by a storm. Water may get into your house from any site. The contractors may check out the attic to find out the potential leakage. They can detect any small or big holes, present in the roofing structure. If there is leakage, you can also find cracks and stains of water in different spots.

Effect on the metal vents

Hail or storm worsens the condition of vents. Vents are intended to avert the risk of moisture-related damage. Thus, to make your house free from moisture, you should check these vents. Call your Ann Arbor roofers for the replacement of vents.

So, with all these ways, you have to evaluate the roof condition after a harsh storm. In many cases, the homeowners experience higher utility bills because of the damaged roof. Due to the holes, created on the roof, the air can get escaped. And it will affect the temperature level of the room. You may need to turn on your cooling or heating system for having comfort. That is why you should make sure that your roof is in the flawless condition. The roofers will assist you to inspect the system thoroughly. You may enjoy a beautiful and most functional roof that is best for all seasons.


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