Brick Accent Walls Are Here To Stay

Brick accent walls have become somewhat a trend of recent times. Whether it’s to create an industrial look, a traditional loom or perhaps a modern approach, one thing’s for sure; everyone seems to be using Brick Slips, for their accent walls.

Beautiful and bold

 Brick accent walls certainly add a bold statement, to any interior design, so we can understand why this choice of decor is supported by many. When you walk into a room and see a beautiful Brick accent wall, it always draws your attention straight to it. It’s the perfect focal point for any room and no matter which design you opt for, it’s sure to be a stunning feature.

Create an atmosphere

The best way to create an atmosphere in fitting to your design is to have an accent wall, and so many people are favouring brick effect walls at present. With an array of brick designs, it’s easy to create the look you are after. Some people like an industrial feel and others prefer traditional, and with a variety of shades, you can opt for cool tones like greys and whites of deep reddish-brown ones.

Current trends

People have discovered how easy it is to create brick accent walls these days. Gone are the days of time-consuming brick layering work for a much faster and more straightforward approach. There are also more cost-effective ways of creating these designs, which is why people are using alternatives such as wallpapers for an uncomplicated job. But most homeowners prefer a more realistic look than wallpaper and are now using Brick slips for their wall cladding! They’re basically real bricks in sectioned pieces, with the same feel and look but without being so chunky, perfect for small spaces.

Brick slips are also easier to fit than entire bricks would be to lay, and an added benefit includes insulation. It’s the most cost-effective way to insulate and decorate a room at the same time.

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