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Unravel Famous Plumbing Myths

3 Common Plumbing Myths You Should Ignore

You can use lemons to make your bathroom smell good. Hand soaps can also be used to clean fixtures inside the bath. On the contrary, you no longer have to make Brookcross Heating & Air an effort in cleaning the pipes since running water always passes through it.

Are you familiar with these ideas? Those are just some of the most popular plumbing myths and urban legends concerning plumbing that could cost you a lot of money for repairs and replacements on your pump lines.

Go ahead and read the following article to understand better why they are not the type of advice you should heed when it comes to plumbing. Manage and keep your plumbing lines at home in excellent condition.

  • When you have lemons in life

It is one of the oldest myths that is supposed to make your toilet smell good if you put a lemon in the trash disposer. It may be true in a way since the lemon scent will linger, but this is a downright terrible idea. A lemon is acidic by nature, and it can easily corrode metals.

The blades on your garbage disposer will corrode in the long run if you keep on putting lemons inside it. In turn, this will require you a replacement, which will cost you additional money.

What works best for cleaning it is to toss ice cubes inside. It mimics the effect of a rock tumbler and will polish the blades inside.

  • Soaps are for your skin

A lot of people believe in the wrong notion that the fixtures in your bathroom do not require attention and cleaning since they are specifically for bathroom use. But this is just simply wrong. Inexpensive soaps are acidic because of its low pH.

Because of this, these soaps can easily corrode the metals in your bathroom fixtures, and we all know that manufacturers of these items will not in turn replace your fixtures because it corroded. Manufacturers do not replace them since they consider it as neglect on the owner’s part by not handling these items properly. What you can do to avoid corrosion is to use a clean cloth to wipe every bathroom fixtures right after using it.

  • Super Mario is even aware of this one

We all think that a pipe is clean if water is continuously running through it, right? But that’s not right. These pipes also need to be cleaned at times because of the sediments from the water that piled up. Some foreign materials sticking in the pipelines must also be removed and cleaned to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Pipelines most likely have curves, and plenty of debris accumulates in these areas that can end up clogging it over time.

These clogs are usually the fallen hair, fat and grease that already solidified, and some of the tree roots that made its way in the many cracks and imperfections down the pipe. You would likely require professional plumbing help when these things happen.

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