Bulldog Builders: The Roofing Experts

Having a beautiful home is the best feeling ever. A secured space, far from severe distractions like storm, hail and other disastrous effects of nature is entirely a great help in lessening the cost of maintenance. Choosing your construction company for your house or commercial space is a serious decision. One of the best is bulldog construction.

Bulldog Builders is a construction company that specializes in roofing both residential and commercial space. They offer excellent work with high-end roofing materials and systems. They also have licensed contractors to assure that every job is efficiently done. They offer many types of roofing such as:

  • Commercial Roofing
  • Residential Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Flat or Shingle Roofing
  • Disaster Response & Preparedness
  • Remodeling

At bulldog construction, they provide a cost-effective type of roofing. They assure that every work is appropriately managed with a manager on site. They see to that every detail of work is worth the price. Each installer is MuleHide Factory Certified. All roofing and accessories are from AMSI supply and steels are from Rigid Building – these suppliers are known for quality materials especially for roofing.

 Bulldog presents each detail of your roof and gives you brilliant choices that suit your roof. It’s better to spend a bunch of money for you to have a secured roof, free from disasters such as snow, hail, and storm. Bulldog guarantees that each material used for your roof is of the best quality and also make sure that the roof is hail resistant.

Bulldog Builders on Hail Victims

During 2015-2016, Texas experienced most of the hail devastation. A hailstorm is a type of rain that usually consists of heavy pellets of frozen raindrops. It destroys properties worth millions in no time. Bulldog Builders have been there to help the whole community after the hail destruction. They made temporary roofs and protections and even repaired damaged roofs.

They also prioritize hail victims; they supply necessary repairs after the first 48 hours of the hail storm. They are lessening such impairment by not only helping with the roofs but also other such properties. Usually, hail victims have the right to file for a claim for the damages of the hail. If you have suspected hail damages on your house, call the Bulldog Builders, and they will send quality contractors for assistance. For business, Bulldog Builders will help you to reach out to your insurance company to claim the right insurance coverage for your business space.


Bulldog Builders offer high-quality work right from the materials to the services. As stated above, they deliver the efficient type of roofs worth the money. They use top of the line supplies that will eventually be used for extended period especially in times of disasters. Besides roofing, they also do house remodeling which is fascinating.


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