Buy Douglas Mattress and Make Your Nights Comforting

For a healthy life, it is important that everyone must take sufficient and comfortable sleep. Mattresses play vital role in making you sleep the best. There is a lot of competition in the world f mattresses. If you want the best one, then you shall undoubtedly buy Douglas mattress.

 This is a well-knownmemory mattress with 10” thickness. The technology incorporated in the design and manufacturing of these mattresses is amazing it has three layers. The tops layer is made up of memory foam, middle layer is also known as support core and that is made up by using poly foam of high density.

These mattresses are known for two of their amazing qualities including pressure relief and conforming. When you will sleep on the mattress the top layers also known as comfort layers are just going to hug your body without letting it sink deep in the mattress.

Mattresses in which the body sinks, are not considered to be good for health, especially for your spinal health. Moreover, if you have pains in the body, even then sleeping on Douglas mattress can play vital role in alleviating all those body pains, which started because of sleeping on uncomfortable and low quality mattress.

But if you sleep on Douglas mattress, then your spine stays well aligned and this helps in alleviating body pain. Furthermore, this mattress is known for its isolating motion transfer and it does not even produce any kind of noise even on bearing very heavy weighted bodies. It means that this can be a great choice for couples.

Thisis a medium firm mattress which stands on number 6 on the overall firmness rating from 1-10. This rating makes it quite a good option in the form of mattress for heavy and medium weighted people. moreover, thin people who like to sleep on firm mattresses can also enjoy a good sleep.

This mattress is covered in a very great quality cover. The cover is made up with eucalyptus leaves. It keeps the mattress cool even during summers. Moreover, it absorbs all the access moisture and lets you sleep dry and easy.

The most important thing is that it has removable cover. There is a zip on the cover. So you can open the zip, take off the cover, wash it and put it back. Your mattress will always stay neat and clean.

Try to buy Douglas mattress from the store, which also offers you warranty and delivery.

Here are some pros and cons of having this mattress.


  1. No noise.
  2. Best motion isolation.
  3. Great for pressure relief.
  4. Longer sleeps.


  1. Disputed edge support.
  2. Potential for off gassing.
  3. Is not delivered outside Canada.

After many tests and studies, it has been proved that a mattress with good thickness and medium leveled firmness is best for your sleep and body comfort.

Be sure that this mattress is only available through the official website of Douglas. There is no third party which has rights of selling Douglas mattress.