Celebrate New Year by upgrading your living room in a cozy one. 

Big or small, everyone wants to have their living room look charming. Moreover, the size of the room does not decide its beauty. With proper execution of innovative ideas, we can give a stylish look to a small living room. As New Year on our door-step, we should provide the much-needed makeover to the living room with some unique ideas. So let us explore some of those cool ideas to welcome 2019.

  1. Keep it warm

You must be thinking how cozier it would become in an already cramped small room. Well, here comfy means close seating with soft fabric and warm rugs to complement. It is quite possible that you may not have ample space for furniture. In this case, keeping furniture close can bring the comfort you desire. Rugs also play a huge part in bringing warmth to the living room. Soft fabric with a dark color is often preferred in winters that bring contentment you wish to have.

  1. Multi-functional furniture

A piece of multi-functional furniture is always a great option for small living room designs. As you are short on space, you need to optimize it in every possible way. The best way is to use multi-functional furniture such as sofa-cum-bed, coffee table with storage bin etc. Not only it saves the space, but you could store extra items in it. Nowadays, you can find portable furniture that can be used in different ways which would come handy for tiny living rooms.

  1. White theme

Colors have the potential to enhance the look of any room. Keeping the floor and walls all-white will brighten-up the look of the living room. It gives a wider and more spacious look to the small rooms. Suitable furniture to the white shade such as white sofa or grey sofa with colorful frames on the wall can make the small room look delightful.

  1. Add some texture

Plain and simple living room might look bland to some users. It can be solved by adding some texture. A mix of glass, leather, metal or wood items will give your living room a customized look. You need to select the items carefully so that it won’t overpower the atmosphere of the living room.

  1. Wall-hangings

Wall hangings like large-scale paints, portraits are common practices. However, if you go with an oversized piece of art, it will look more impactful. These oversize art pieces are readily available at a flea market, so you don’t have to stress your budget.

A living room is an important part of our house and it deserves utmost attention irrespective of his size. These décor ideas for small living room are quite easy to implement where you can enhance its charm.