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Turn Your Garage into a 12-Month-a-Year Haven with these 4 Garage Heater Tips!

For many a guy (and girl) there’s no greater place for solace than in the comfort of their garage. With the outside world, seemingly miles away the garage serves as a wonderful place to meditate, work, or just relax and enjoy a Celsius Heating and Air beverage. Unfortunately, in these bitter winters, enjoying time in the garage is limited to about 1 minute until the drinks freeze up and your brain cramps up from frostbite. Therefore, to many homeowners a garage heater exists to be one of the best purchases they’ve ever made. If you’re looking to turn your garage into a 12-month-a-year haven here are some answers to some of the most common garage heater questions.

Will a Garage Heater Do the Trick?

Short answer – yes, garage heaters are powerful enough to warm up a standard one or two car single story garage. Of course, there are a number of variables to consider such as insulation, windows, type of garage door, etc. The standard rule of thumb is that 1,000 watts of heat warms up 100 square feet of area so make sure to get an adequate sized unit for your garage space.

Do I Need Insulation with a Garage Heater?

If you’re going to invest in garage heating, you might as well put some form of insulation in your garage for maximum results. You don’t necessarily have to insulate, drywall, paint, and trim the garage walls.  But some form of insulation – foam, plastic, paneling, etc. is recommended if you want to keep the area as warm as possible. Since heat rises you also might want to consider roof insulation and for maximum warmth a layer of protection (epoxy, padding) on the floor as well.

What Role Does the Garage Door Play with Heat?

You can install a garage heater, insulate the walls and ceiling, and seal off all the windows, but you’ll still have diminished returns if you have a single panel garage door. Especially if the door is aluminum or metal, the outside cold air will just suck the warmth outside because it represents an open wall. Insulated garage doors might be something to install even before the garage heater as they do a lot to retain heat. Either way also make sure the door seals completely to the ground and doesn’t have gaps for maximum heat capture.

Are Heaters Hard-Wired into the Garage?

The answer to that question totally depends on which type of garage heater you purchase. Many homeowners like a hardwired (permanently installed) garage heater where they can simply adjust a thermostat or flip a switch to turn it on. Others though like a plug-in garage heater that can be moved around the room or removed in the warmer weather.

One thing to remember about a garage heater as well as finishing the space is that it converts the area into liveable space, traditionally one of the best investments you can make in a home property.

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