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Building the exteriors of your home requires a lot of planning and patience. You have to decide between beautification and functionality, and there is a need of completing everything in budget. One of the major decisions is regarding paved surfaces. Even if you like the grass and the flowers around you, it is a good idea to have at least one stretch of planned paved way, so that you can walk around comfortably. Also, if you have kids at home, paved surfaces are great for them to play and roam around. In this post, we will talk of some of the best choices in paver material and how you can save on your design and style.

What are the options?

When it comes to paving materials, the options are more than many. There are quarried stones like slate and granite, which are meant to last long and are often cut, split or even crushed to create the paved way. There are also choices of composite materials, such as concrete and brick, which are great for landscaping needs. Here are the top four choices with pros and cons.

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  1. Sandstone: The best thing about sandstone is the fact that you can find options in colors and it is also widely available. There is tiny bit of concern with regards to blotching, but apart from that, it remains one of the best picks for paving needs, even in terms of budget.
  2. Gravel: Most people opt for gravel because it gives a kind of texture to the paved areas and is one of the most inexpensive ways to do the garden. While it is fairly easy to use and install, it can be a bit unstable and may need reworking after a few years. However, if value for money is your concern, this is the option for you.
  3. Granite: Many home owners prefer durability over anything else, and for them, granite is the ultimate choice by all means. Coming in a wide range of colors, granite offers variety of choices for design. On the flip side, it may be a tad harder to work with granite, especially in comparison to other options on the list, and it is also higher on costs.
  4. Limestone: One of the other choices for paving is limestone. It is a soft stone, and therefore, working with limestone is bliss. Also, the color is always even, and there is no way that you can go wrong with the looks. Although limestone isn’t available everywhere, it is often imported by many home owners. Do note that the color choices are limited as compared to granite.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy good quality paving materials, make sure that you check the web. There are some amazing sites like, which offer a wide range of options. With bulk orders, you can expect to get best offers, especially considering the discounts that online sellers offer in general. Make sure to compare the options and costing by asking for quotes.

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