Check these Historic Lofts and Apartments Available at Galveston, Texas

Galveston offers a wide variety of historic infrastructures and residential homes that will surely satisfy every tourist’s appetite for renaissance-themed buildings. From door lamps to windows, to the intricately detailed pillars and walls, and even doors, Galveston is one of the places every tourist should visit if they are hoping to catch a glimpse of the past. Galveston offers the best scenic view that gives a distinct ambiance of the Victorian era, from shops, to restaurants, to museums and even some of the sightseeing venues. Galveston has always been a perfect place for a relaxing, comfortable and stress-free vacation. If you are in love with the beauty of Galveston, and think about living there, there are lofts and apartments available for residential lease. In this article, we will talk about some of the best Galveston Lofts & Apartments for Rent.

Mitchell Historic Properties

Mitchell Historic Properties, offers some of Galveston’s historic lofts and apartments that are available for residential lease. These lofts and apartments are perfectly located and picked for individuals who wanted to explore the beauty of Galveston without even taking the bus. Each loft and apartment are reinforced and professionally renovated by Mitchell Historic Properties, making historic apartments from 1876, comfortably livable until up to this date; giving that renaissance ambiance and feel, without having to worry about the building’s condition. Here are some of the lofts and apartments Mitchell Historic Properties has made available for residential rent.

Thompson Building

A two-storey building that was built in the 1878, the Thompson Building is now considered as a home to the first-class, Thompson Lofts. The building is composed of seven stylish lofts designed with hardwood floors, luxurious wallpapers, completed with stainless steel appliances. Every loft offers a luxurious ambiance without sacrificing the renaissance effect of the building, providing a cozy and comfortable feel to every client and customer.


Constructed in 1871 and of the infrastructures renovated and reinforced by Mitchell Historic Properties, this three-story building is perfectly located at the Strand District just across the Saengerfest Park. On the first floor, the building has three retail tenants, and is composed of seven apartments. The building has an artistic atrium that provides natural light from the skylight in the roof. Each apartment is designed with hardwood floors, carpets and rustic yet elegant looking brick walls.


Located at the corner of 23rd Street and Harborside Drive, the Butterwoe property was built in 1876 which contains six massive loft apartments. The apartments are designed with high ceilings, large closets that are perfect for those who are bringing a huge number of clothes and other personal necessities, and a laundry room. Parking at Butterwoe is also available for lease, which is located in front of the building.


With these beautiful Galveston Lofts and Apartments for Rent, having a month-long vacation or stay at this beautiful place will definitely be a good one. These lofts and apartments are located near shopping centers, restaurants and bars that serve savory and delicious foods and quality drinks. Check out these available lofts and apartments by Mitchell Historic Properties and experience their Victorian-era themed accommodations that offer the best, modern and luxurious services.

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