Check these tips to shop for office supplies like a pro!

Yes, we are in the digital age, where a lot of tasks are being done online and via software processes. Despite the shift, businesses still need to spend on stationery supplies, printing paper, ink and all those things that are required to run an office. For many small companies, the budget is a major factor, simply because they cannot afford to spend more than what’s decided. In this post, we bring the tips that will help you in shopping for office supplies like a pro.

Go online

Online suppliers offer quick delivery and a vast range of products. Right from bat stools and office chairs to other common things like cartridges, printers, paper, pen and everything else, you can shop for everything from one store. However, that’s not the only reason to shop online. E-retailers are known for having lower overheads – There’s no need for a big warehouse, no additional expenses for maintaining a shop or employees. As such, they are capable of offering deals that you cannot expect from a local seller of office supplies. For example, if you buy Epson ink from, you will find that the website has an offer or the other on every product.

Understand your requirements

Every business has a specific set of requirements or products that are used more frequently. Managers often end up spending more, simply because they don’t check what is being purchased and used. Maintain an inventory book or use a software to check the products that are being used. The stock must be checked every time before ordering office supplies, so that product purchases are not duplicated. You can also use many apps and software to keep a track of product wastage at workplace.

Get everything together

When you place many small orders, keeping a check on the budget isn’t possible. Check if you need something for the next couple of months and order in bulk. This will just ensure that you have all the essential things for at least a while. Most vendors offer discounts on selected office supplies and bulk orders, so check if your order amount qualifies for a special discount. Also, there are loyalty programs and emails, which can offer additional discounts for regular buyers.

Check for coupons and discount vouchers

If you buy products from an online seller, it is likely that you will find coupons and offers on their website. In case of office supplies, most vendors offer a deal on a particular amount, but for the first time, you can get an additional discount too. You can also check if there are other offers for bulk purchases.

When it comes to office supplies, don’t shop for generic things. You need products that stand for your brand, such as letter papers, photograph papers, and other materials that move out of the office. The price is certainly a factor, but it is also necessary to check the product quality, as well. Also, it is a good idea to shop from a supplier who offers more choices in office supplies. You should be able to compare and choose, and in case products are not in stock, the company should be able to arrange for the same. With online vendors, make sure that the delivery date isn’t late and there are no extra charges for shipping regular orders.


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