Choosing An Excellent Concrete Contractor

Your Melbourne driveway is an important aspect of your house, particularly here in the cold region of Melbourne. As qualified concrete driveway contractors, 1 question people ask us a great deal is “When I have a concrete or asphalt driveway they both have advantages and disadvantages and we will take a look at a few of the gaps and compare these.


Concrete: Greater due to the sum of durability.  A concrete slab can be poured thicker and can be more durable and hence it costs more.

Asphalt: typically costs less than concrete, which can be surprising because the substance cost is dependent on oil prices and we all know how those have been climbing.  Sometimes the increasing costs of oil increase the expense of an asphalt driveway for this a concrete slab.

 Durability and Care:

Concrete: substantially stronger than asphalt because a concrete installation can last 2-3 times as long as a asphalt installation.  Practically maintenance free for many years so long as you keep exceptionally heavy traffic from the Melbourne concrete driveway.  Concrete slab repairs are more expensive than asphalt repairs and typically must be performed by a proficient Melbourne concrete driveway contractor.

Asphalt: Has a propensity to decode even without heavy traffic onto it and has to be sealed every 3-5 decades.  Repairs are more reasonably priced than concrete slab fixes but they’re more common also.  Only lasts approximately half as long as the concrete slab installation.


Concrete: A concrete driveway may have finishes implemented using a Melbourne concrete driveway builder and these finishes include broom swept, exposed aggregate, stained and stained concrete for a variety of looks.  If a Melbourne concrete driveway contractor finds concrete, it may have the look of brick, slate, flagstone or cobblestone.

Asphalt: One easy end, unable to get any of those concrete slab finishing techniques employed to it using a concrete driveway builder.  It can be blended in various colours but the most frequent is shameful.  It is possible to go with a ivory shade if you want to obtain a lighter color.

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Concrete: A concrete slab will hold up nicely against hot weather but is not as strong against extreme cold conditions.

Asphalt: Handles intense cold without cracking but in warmer weather it turns and soothes tacky.

A concrete driveway contractor can work with you to ensure that your Melbourne driveway is acceptable for the surrounding terrain.  When the concrete driveway will be too steep the property could be rated by the Melbourne concrete driveway builder to earn the driveway more acceptable for driving and parking.  Additionally you should think about extreme weather conditions because a concrete slab will freeze and may become icy in the winter season.  You do not want a driveway that is too steep, so you might observe these conditions regular in the region you reside in, particularly when you have a lengthy drive.  Melbourne concrete driveway contractors may work with you to make sure your driveway ends up the very best it could be using the property available.

Our general outlook about the gaps between an concrete and asphalt driveway is that they both have advantages and disadvantages over each other, but that asphalt is much more of a cheap quick fix , whereas the more durable concrete driveway is much more of a long-lasting investment in quality.