Cleaning And Maintaining Blinds

It may sound quite trivial and like a very easy task but, if you have ever cleaned window blinds, you already know it is a very time consuming task and quite a pain in the neck depending on what kind of blinds you have and how are you doing it. In this article, we will cover how to clean and maintain real wood and Roller Blinds because each of them requires a different method and they have different needs.

We will go first with the real wood blinds because they are the easiest ones to clean or, at least, the ones with fewer methods available for their cleaning. Real wood blinds need to be taken care of and, due to their nature, you can’t use some products like water. Real wood warps when moisturized so, you should never use water or any regular liquid to clean them. When cleaning real wood blinds you should do the same as you would with a nice piece of furniture, lemon oil or wood preservatives are the best options here. If you don’t have them or you don’t want to make a deep clean you can just dust them with a feather duster or a soft cloth, but never use abrasive cloths or products on real wood blinds.


Faux wood blinds are more resistant and durable than real wood ones, hence there are many more methods to clean them and you shouldn’t be so concerned about damaging them. You can dust them with a feather duster or a soft cloth, but you can also use any kind of cloths to do the same to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. Since they are not so sensitive as real wood ones you can use a synthetic duster as well. Some home-made methods to clean them include using an old sock same as you would use a dusting mitt to clean the slates or using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

But one of the best advantages to use faux wood blinds is that you can clean them with plain water. The most common method of cleaning consists in soaking a cloth or sponge in warm water and spot clean the slates one by one. You should only use warm water and never hot one because it could damage their integrity. You can also use dish soap or any other soap to clean them, you don’t need to use special products as you would with real wood blinds. As a good tip, you should remove them from the window to clean them, it is much easier to operate them and you won’t be prone to accidents. If they are so dirty and you want to do a deep cleaning you can wash your faux wood blinds on a bathtub with mild detergent. Don’t do this every time they are dirty, just in very extreme cases and always check with the manufacturer before performing this cleaning as it may damage its integrity.

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