Clever planning for a new garden

When building a new house, the costs of planting the garden are often underestimated. Result: The house is ready, but there is no money for the garden. We will show you how to lay the foundations for a beautiful garden on a small budget, which can be expanded over the years. With Augusta, GA the details are essential.

The last roof tile is laid, the mailbox set up, it’s done. For many home builders now begins the most beautiful part of the work: the garden design. But before you go for the spade, you should clarify three key points:

  • What is most important to you in the near future?
  • How much may it cost?
  • How much time do you have to plan for the garden to look the way you imagine it?

Cost factor garden plant

The cost issue is usually the limiting factor, because very few plan the garden in their budget. This often gives a rude awakening: Paving, for example, even with smaller areas such as a terrace quickly with several thousand dollars to book. Solve the money problem initially with compromises. Our two drawings show you how.

The vision

The dream of the homeowner in our example was a varied garden with many perennial beds, a terrace with a pond , a kitchen garden and secluded small seats (picture left). The entrance area was designed to be open and inviting, so the choice fell on a white picket fence as a demarcation that allows one or the other view into the front yard. Towards the street, the property is bordered by a blossom hedge, to the neighbors with awesomeness, so the backdrop does not seem too restless.

The strategy

The garden is not finished, but it should still be able to be used as a rest and play area. Since the many wishes and the large area represent both a creative and a financial challenge, practical solutions must be found that bridge the time until the garden has taken on the desired shape. For this purpose, if possible, use is made of inexpensive intermediate solutions. These should be appropriate and allow further work around, for example, be easy to set up and dismantle and not burden the budget more than necessary.

The implementation

The goal of the dream garden in mind, the individual items is now arranged according to urgency. The screen is in a new building in the first place. Now comes the cost factor into play: the larger the hedge plants, the more expensive the fun. Small plants but hardly protect from strange eyes. The compromise: In addition to the road cheap reed mats were set up, which serve as a visual screen until the hedge is high enough.

Trees and hedges

With all woody plants, you can also shorten the waiting time with fast-growing species, such as hornbeam or privet forerunner, dogwood and forsythia for the flower hedge. The only downside: What grows fast, must also be cut regularly.