Cooling property of the fan

Ceiling fans are one of the most important inventions of mankind which has been an effective addition to our lifestyle comforting us through the features of home cooling more than a century now. They have been a shield that mankind has held to save itself from heat and comfort itself time and again. In developing countries it is still the only means of warding off the heat even when there are the much better and complex ways of air conditioning. Today we have them available in a wide variety of styles, configurations, sizes and speed to suit the needs. Also, energy saving fan saves a lot in terms of electricity consumption.

Uses of fan

A fan can be used along with an air conditioner which not only lowers the temperature 4 to 5 degrees’ lower but also helps saving 30% on air conditioner bills. Even when a fans works without an air conditioner, the breeze due to the fan circulates the air around our body quickly thereby speeding the evaporation of the sweat on the human skin which stimulated the body’s cooling mechanisms.The fan also helps by replacing this hot, humid air with drier air that allows for more evaporation and hence more cooling.Ceiling fans thus work on the body and not on the actual temperature of the air which is a common misconception most of the times.Even without sweat, our body can lose heat owing to convection. If our body temperature is higher than that of the surrounding air, heat is transferred. But without a fan, this simply lets the hot air settle around you. But with a fan, the breeze from the fan carries that hot air away and therefore cools us off.

Excerpt of the Cooling procedure

The rotation of the fan is a very important factor in deciding the cooling effect of the fan.In summer, the fan rotates in an anti-clockwise direction so that the air is blown downward. This pushes the air downward upon the consumer directly which carries out the cooling process. But in winter, fans should operate on a low speed and must rotate in the opposite so that air is drawn upward thereby pulling up the colder air below and forcing the warmer air nearer the ceiling to move down and replace it. All of this happens without blowing the air directly at the occupants of the room as that would cool the occupant which is undesirable at this time.

In this regard, the speed is also important. The more the speed of the fan, the quicker it circulates the air inside the room and the quicker it causes the cooling process. You can choose the fan sweep size also as it decides circulation capacity and hence for a big room it must be more or the cooling is not effective. The room type decides the type of the fan which then affects the cooling factor like for a low ceiling room use a wall mounted fan and for a high ceiling room use a ceiling fan.

The unique benefit of fans is that it provides cooling at such an affordable price and hence it is really important invention of mankind.

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