Detailed Comparison Of Water Heaters

Replacing an old water heater or installing a new one, what so ever the reason is one always needs to do a proper panning before making a wise decision? The modern tools and techniques have surrounded people’s life in an amazing way. People do not pay attention towards all these electric appliances when they work properly and tend to forget the importance of the same unless they refuse to work.

Until and unless an appliance get damaged in some or the other way everything seem to be alright. Water heaters are one such appliance that a person uses almost every day. It is the ultimate solution to a comforting hot shower. If one wants to go for a bath just put the switch for the water heater on and get warm water instantly. If any one feels the need of doing a manicure or pedicure at home, geysers provides one with the hot water to dip the hands and legs in. a hot shower after a daylong work and stress tend to take away all the pains and cramps from the body and serve one with the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

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Hence, having a water heater at home is a must to avoid cold water which seems to be very picky on the skin. Purchasing a water heater would have been easy if there was no variation in it. The model and capacity can be chosen easily but picking up the various types of water heater is a bit tricky. There are two types of water heaters available in the market, water heaters electric vs gas. One needs to know the exact difference between the two in order to make a good and efficient choice. The difference between the water heaters electric vs gas is as follows-

  • The electric water heaters are easy to install and is also cost efficient at the starting stage whereas the process of installing a gas water heater is complex, needs the installation of PVC pipelines from the roof and walls and hence needs a good amount of money when getting installed.
  • The electric water heaters are efficient in heating up water instantly when kept switched on but once the switch is blown off it takes time to heat the water when switched on again. Hence, it can be inconvenient at times. The gas water heaters heats up the water instantly and does not rely on electricity. Hence, if one has major electricity problems in the area then gas water heaters would be the best choice.
  • Electric water heaters are good for small families and gas water heaters are idle for big families.
  • Electric water heaters heats and stores water heated, it does not waste electricity.
  • Gas water heaters provide one with clean and germ free water every time.
  • The cost of repairing or replacing the electric water heater is much lower than that of the gas water heaters.

Water heaters electric vs gas can be a difficult choice to choose from but depending upon the need and budget one can make a decision.


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