Different Types of Doors For Your House

Nowadays, people concentrate more on styles and designs while constructing buildings and houses. The choices are endless when it comes to doors. You can select the best option based on different types of materials, style, cost, and design. Some people would love to use old and traditional designs for their doors. Technological development has helped to design different models and the manufacturing process easier. You can learn about different kinds of doors in this article.

Timber/Wood Doors

There are large varieties of wood in the market. House owners can select the best one based on the properties of longevity and the budget. These type of doors are best placed for exterior locations. Select good door manufacturers to produce wooden doors. They will give a natural and pleasant look.

Battened and Ledged Doors

They are used for a long time. The vertical wooden battens about 35mm thickness are present and they are tongue and groove jointed. Three horizontal ledges are present at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. They can be braced and framed to provide better appearance and rigidity. This type of doors is suitable for toilets, baths, etc. You can buy these cheap doors for sale in the market.

Framed and Paneled Doors

These types of doors are commonly used in the houses. The frame is made from wood and the shutter panels are made out of plywood, timber, hardboard, etc. Glass panels can be used in the place of wooden panels. If the glass panels are used, the door is known as paneled and glazed. They give a pleasing appearance. You can select the design based on the location in the house and requirement. Sometimes metal sections like steel are also used for the door frame.

Flush Doors

They are made out of Plywood or Medium DensityFiberboard fixed over a timber frame. The hollow core for this type of door is filled with cardboard core material. They are used in the interior rooms. The frames are made of wood, steel, etc. Flush doors are hinged along one side and can be opened in one direction only. If it is used for toilets and baths, the back side or inner surface of the door should be covered with aluminium sheets to protect it against the water.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are used in the backside of the house to provide an unobstructed view of the backyard or garden. It is used in beach houses to provide the best view of the ocean or sea. For front doors, glass panels are fixed into wooden frames gives the beautiful look.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are the best alternative for wooden doors. They are available in beautiful colors including wood grain texturing. Steel frames are made out of channels, angles, and Tee. Steel frames are economical than wooden frames and are used widely in many houses. Steel doors are mainly preferred for security and protection.