Different types of Glues and its uses

Glue is a non-metallic substance that applied to the two separate items to bind them together. It can be applied to one or both surfaces of the item. It is also known as adhesive or paste. Glue is made up of organic compounds like plants or animal collagen. Some of the Glue in the market is Synthetic adhesive made with polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsions. Most of the glues are used for wood, glass, garments and plastic glue.

Different types of glue

White Craft Glue                                                                                                                       

It is one of the most common craft glue. It used to pore in lightweight martial like paper, cardboard, cloth, and kids crafts. It has low toxicity so easy to clean up. While applying the craft glue one thing you just keep in mind that after applied it should dry properly. So you have to give the time to completely set dry.

Yellowwood glue

It is also water-based glue-like craft glue. It is made up of vinyl acetate polymers. It is also generally more rigid and some of the wood glue can be white and dry clear.

Types of wood glue and their properties

Type I- It has waterproof qualities.

Type II-It will be performed in exterior conditions. This type of glue will take a longer time to set properly. It will bond at a cold temperature too. Both Type I and II will work in exterior applications like outdoor furniture and trim.

Type III-It is not water-resistant glue. It will be performed only in interior use like woodwork and trim projects.


It is also called as cyanoacrylate glue. It forms a strong bond very easily. You can buy a different variety of viscosities which enable some leeway in gap filling. Super glues are not good for foamed plastics. It works best in tensile applications for that low impact strength required. In their uncured state, you can use the acetone to wipe out. It works well to make two sets of wood together. It is used to repair a tent. It is good for wood, metal, ceramic, leather, glass and some plastics.

Hot Glue

Melting and cooling of polymers give hot melt glue. Hot glue is mostly applied using a glue gun. It is used for porous and nonporous surfaces and it has a high viscosity so it can attach the uneven surfaces. It has quick setting properties. Hot glue mostly used in crafts and heat and melt in sticks, for cloth fabrics and denser material like wood.

Spray glue

This type of glue is applied by spray and it is an economical, industrial-grade. This type of glue can be used in lightweight materials like fiberglass, paper, foam, and plastic glue.

Fabric glue

It is polyvinyl acetate and liquid white glue. Fabric glue is highly flexible and sticks to the fabrics and leather projects and for garment construction. It is also used for making headbands.

Bottom line

Different types of glue are there if you want to know about the other types you can refer to the other articles.