DIY Injuries Infographic: Avoiding Common Accidents in DIY

Summer now long gone, and the exterior home improvements are put aside for another year, many people start to look at interior home improvements. Nevertheless, there’s still an increasing number of visits to A & E from people with DIY related injuries. And whilst we cannot address them all, the following infographic from the team at WestfarmUPVC Windows, shows some of the most popular DIY injuries and advice on how to avoid them.

DIY injuries are frequent among your typical home owners and while some are unavoidable, there are loads of precautions you can take to minimise the risk of injury. Did you know that alcohol plays it part in as much as 30% of DIY injuries? So with that knowledge in mind, be sure to save the well-deserved beer until the job is finished.

Preventing DIY injuries can be as simple as wearing the right clothing, putting on protective goggles and making sure all equipment is secure and in good working order. Have a look at the infographic below for more valuable advice on avoiding DIY injuries.

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