DIY vs Steam Carpet Cleaning in Docklands

If you need to do a bit of a carpet clean, then chances are you’re either considering hiring a professional carpet cleaning service or you’re thinking about doing it yourself. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s entirely a personal choice as to what will be best for you. Below we explore both sides of the argument, to help you decide whether it’s the DIY route or professional steam carpet cleaning for you.

DIY pros:

On-demand – one of the benefits of doing your carpet cleaning yourself is that you can choose when you do it, you don’t have to rely on the availability of local carpet cleaners Docklands. Instead you can do it whenever suits you, whether that’s at 3pm or 3am, weekdays or weekends. It gives you the flexibility to clean your carpet whenever you need to rather than having to wait.
Often cheaper – the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is one of the main things that put people off doing it. And admittedly doing it yourself will often be cheaper than using a cleaning service which is definitely one of the major positives of this approach.

Can do it with other things – aside from the benefit of being able to clean your carpet whenever you want, one of the other good things about doing it yourself is that you can make it part of a larger cleaning project. If you hire a carpet cleaning service in Docklands then normally they will only do your carpets, however if you choose to do it yourself then you can do an entire house clean all in one go.

DIY Cons:

Hard work – this is the ultimate downside of choosing to do it yourself instead of hiring expert cleaners: it’s a lot of hard work. You have to do all the prep work, the actual cleaning and then the tidy up afterwards, while a professional cleaning service will typically do all this for you. Of course some people enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing these things yourself, however if you’re not one of these people, then the DIY approach might not be for you.

Hard to find time – another reason a lot of people choose not to do their carpet cleaning themselves is that while it does mean you can do it whenever you want, most people struggle to actually find time to do it. Something always seems to crop up, so if they do intend to do it themselves then it just never gets done.

Have to hire equipment – while some people may have the appropriate equipment already, a lot of households in Docklands will not, and as a result if they want to do a decent job of their carpet cleaning they will need to hire appropriate tools and materials. This is not only inconvenient it can also be pretty costly, which is why it’s sometimes not that much cheaper, or no cheaper at all to do it yourself.

Professional steam carpet cleaning cons:

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Cost – as mentioned previously the cost of hiring a professional team is often what puts people off, as it is generally going to be more expensive that doing it yourself.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Pros:

Efficient and effective – the biggest benefit of choosing a professional service in Docklands is that you can guarantee a superior cleaning option. While doing it yourself can make some impressive progress, it will never beat calling in experts who have all the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge to do an excellent job.

Flexible options – although it will never be as flexible as doing it yourself, most services in Docklands are reasonably flexible in terms of their availability, many will do evening and weekends, and some may even offer same day service so you won’t have to wait that long at all.

Guaranteed completion – unlike when you opt to do it yourself, if you choose a reputable service then they can’t just decide not to turn up or not do the job. So once you book your slot you know that your carpets will be cleaned come what may. The same definitely can’t be said for the DIY option.

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