Driftwood Oak Flooring

Do you know the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home?  Yes, it’s flooring in your home. So to give a beautiful look you must use perfect flooring. Your choice of flooring depends on the appearance and design of your home. With using new flooring designs you can take the appearance of the high level. You can select from the number of colors and designs available that suits your personal requirements. All types of flooring vary in the type of wood used, the thickness of floor, shades, finishing etc.

There are many types of driftwood Oak flooring, let’s discuss below:


This type of flooring comes in white color with a machined texture. The texture varies where the natural oil gathered and added depth to make it beautiful and pure.


The braided river flooring is the best selling product due to its unique look. It comes with the combination of grey and dark grey color which makes the look of wood so tempting.


This wood has very high reliability because of the heatproof feature. It has natural grey colors which come with accurate finishing making the board alluring.


This type of Driftwood Oak flooring is made in China. All plywood is not from Europe, this has to be aware of because of the poor quality of sticking glue and wood and the chemicals used, these boards are not certified.  But if you are looking for affordable plywood then you can use them either in the workplace or at home.

However, if you have any confusion regarding Drift Oak Wood or you want to install this at your home then you can contact the company of flooring London which is THE NEW & RECLAIMED FLOORING CO. They have a huge variety of drift oak wood and can help you to install the best flooring in your home.

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