Effective designing arrangements for hotels

If you are planning to build a hotel, then you must keep in your mind that you have to balance the functional, layout, and aesthetic aspects to develop a property that will simultaneously fulfill the needs of the guests, the staffs, and also of the owner. Both the Interior and building design play a very crucial role for the hotel industry. The guests, who will go inside your hotel, they will notice even the few little details that your hotel acquires, where as a proper building design is necessary to attract more guests and provide them all the needed facilities. Dean Kirkland WA a real estate builder focuses on designing for this reason.


Some points to remember before planning a hotel design:-

A hotel is an establishment that generally provides a paid accommodation on a short-term basis. There are various aspects of hotel design that involves planning, drafting, designing and development. Some of the effective key factors that influence a hotel design are:

  • Type of Hotel: the building design of a hotel must be according to the type of hotel, such as Luxury Resorts, Palace Hotels, Casino Hotel, Boutique Hotels, Adventure Resorts, Designer & Art Hotels, Spa Resorts, Motels, Budget Hotels, No Frills, Capsule Hotels, Hostels, Home accommodation, etc.
  • Location: the location is important too says Dean Kirkland WA of the hotel will also determine the design of the hotel and the probable locations are Beach side, Hill station, Suburb, Business hub, Up-country, Farmhouse, Hospital, Airport, Railway station, Bus stand, etc.
  • Structural Needs
  • Parking Space: If the area is enormous in size says Dean Kirkland WA, then there should be ample parking space for the guests providing clear directions. In case enough space is not available, then valet parking is a must.
  • Main Entrance: The entrance should be easily detectable and comfortable, and the door might be automatic or semi-automatic. A security guard should be there to welcome the guests with worm greetings.
  • Lobby: The lobby area of your hotel should have seating arrangements to help the guests to seat while they will be waiting. Some kinds of leisure literature is also preferable and fruitful to keep the guests engaged.
  • Reception: The reception desk plays a very important role and thus should be refreshing and dynamic. Its height should be acceptable so that the guests can easily and comfortably communicate with the receptionist.
  • Passages & Corridors: A ventilated and wide passage is a must so that the guests can be able manage their luggage comfortably without being obstructed by the side walls. You can place security cameras and air fresheners here. The emergency exits can also be marked in this space.
  • Elevators/Staircase: the elevator and staircase signage should be put in corridor for easy access. The elevator should be illuminated and ventilated properly to avoid suffocation and the elevator panel must be bright with clearly visible floor marks. The staircase should not be too steep to make your guests tired. Handrails should be placed on either side for support.
  • Amenities: considering the hotel category and class, there can be many different amenities, such as Restaurant, Bars, Gymnasium, Pool, Business Centre, Conference Room, Spa, Play Area and so on. These areas should be easily accessible from the reception area with visible signposts.

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