Effective Tips to Reduce Landfill Waste

Do you know what happens to the junk which is collected from our home or business? Do you think they are disposed of efficiently? The bitter truth is they are ended up in landfills. Yes, all the waste we produce is literally in the landfills in an isolated area.

In Australia, about 48% of waste goes into the landfills. Australia is one lucky country – we have a lot of lands and proportionally small population. But, if we continue to grow up, then we must rethink how to deal with the piles of trash.

Even though the Australian government is taking necessary actions to manage the waste efficiently, as a citizen of Australia, it is our responsibility to protect our environment for our future generations.

So how would you reduce the landfill waste? Guess what; there is something you can do it. The solution for reducing waste in landfills lies with you. Yes, you have to focus on how to reduce, reuse and recyclethe waste that you produce. Next, you have to avail the rubbish removals Sydney services to recycle and ensure that the waste is not left in the land.

Tips to reduce landfill wastes:

The following are the few effective ways to reduce landfill waste suggested by rubbish removals in Sydney:

Boycott plastic bags & water bottles:

We all know plastic is one of the significant reasons for global warming. So, when you shop make use of reusable bags. Plastic is one of the materials that take decades to decompose. Usage of cloth bags will have a significant impact on the environment.

Plastic water bottles can damage the earth. So try to avoid purchasing plastic water bottles. Investing in reusable water bottles is much better than plastic bottles.


A lot of items which we dispose of can still work fine. Clothes are often thrown away since it is faded or shrunk. Donating clothes to the needy will help them out of landfills.


We know the importance of recycling, and it doesn’t even take much effort. It only takes a few seconds to throw a box in a recycling bin rather than the trash can. You can maintain separate containers inside your home so that you can collect the waste separately that is recyclable and non-recyclable.

Use rechargeable batteries:

Disposable batteries have harmful chemicals that are toxic to the environment. Using rechargeable batteries can help avoid throwing tons of disposable batteries on the landfill. It is affordable, and you can enjoy continuous usage of battery-operated electronics.


Many of the food waste can be converted into compost and can be used for agricultural purpose. But, unfortunately, most of the yard and food waste which can be turned into compost are on the landfills that emit harmful methane gas. Rather than throwing on the dustbin, you can create useful fertiliser for your plants.

Hire rubbish removals Sydney:

Availing the services of cheapest rubbish removal Sydney can help you dispose of the waste efficiently. The affordable rubbish removal in Sydney collects and recycles the waste without any hassle. They also ensure that they do not dispose of the junk in landfills.