Engineered wooden floors – the ideal alternative to solid wooden floors

As far as innovations in the market for wooden floors are concerned engineered wooden floors rank right at the top as the very best that the domain has to offer. The thing about engineered hardwood is that it is not made from solid wood per se. It is made up of a number of layers. It is only at the topmost layer that you find actual hardwood, the kind we all dream of having at our homes. The layers below the top layer are designed with the specific intention of reducing the wear and tear suffered by the floor. This is the reason why it happens to be such a practical option in the first place.

Advantages of such floors

There are several advantages of wholesale engineered flooring that make it such attractive options even when compared to solid hardwood floors. The first such benefit is that engineered wooden floors are nowhere near as costly as their solid hardwood counterparts. In fact, this is one major reason why so many homeowners actually prefer these floors. With the exception of the top layer of solid hardwood engineered hardwood floors are made from either high-density fiberboard or plywood. They are molded together in factories under high pressure. This is done so as to make sure that they last longer.

Better adaptation to changes in temperature

As opposed to traditional hardwood floors, engineered wooden floors are able to adapt much better to changes in temperature as well as moisture. They do not contract or expand as much as the pure hardwood floors do. Changes in temperature and humidity do not seem to have the same effect on them. You can install them in just about any kind of floor that you wish to. In fact, there are certain special instructions by following which you can also install engineered hardwood floor over sources of radiant heat.    

A versatile choice

A lot of people might prefer Brazilian Tigerwood flooring at their homes. However, engineered hardwood floors can be deemed a great choice as well. They are really versatile. The main reason for such a statement is the fact that this kind of wood has a number of practical applications. They can be installed over a concrete floor that may already be there at your home. In case your actual floor is made of low-quality wood you can cover it up with engineered wood as well. You can easily nail it down or just paste it with the help of glue.   

Different forms

Other forms of such floors are available as well. For example, you can choose the glue-less ones that will help you create a floating floor of sorts. In areas where the temperature and humidity are known to change at a drastic rate, this is something that you should definitely have at your home. However, it also needs to be remembered that even engineered wood has its limits. For example, it cannot perform as well in mudrooms, bathrooms, or any other rooms where you get too much moisture and humidity.

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