Examining The Pool Liner

If you have a pool, then you know that there is a significant amount of maintenance that goes into keeping it in proper working condition. You have to add chemicals to keep the water clean and clear, and there are tools that you need to use to keep the water free of debris. Your filter needs to operate properly, and you need to ensure that the area around the pool is secure and stable for those who are getting in and out whether it’s a ladder or a deck. One thing that you might overlook is the liner. You can look at liners for vinyl pools Chesterfield Missouri companies install or offer for sale if you suspect that yours is damaged or needs to be replaced.

Most liners last about 10 years, longer if you don’t use the pool that much or if you spend a large amount of time caring for the pool. The chemicals that you use can begin to deteriorate the liner over time, and the weather can also play a part in how quickly the liner deteriorates. Look at the pool to see if there are any cracks in the liner. If there are, they will likely continue to get larger until the liner is replaced. Keeping the water level where it’s supposed to be can help with preventing cracks from occurring as quickly because you don’t want the liner to dry out.

Your pool liner will fade from being in the sun. If you don’t want the sun to shine directly on the liner all the time, then cover the pool when it’s not in use, especially in the winter when you’re not swimming. This will help to slow the development of cracks in the liner from not only the sun but other weather conditions as well, such as hail or wind. Examine the liner for any kind of slippage or wrinkles. This can be an indication that the liner has separated from the side of the pool and needs to be replaced quickly before it comes off completely. Most of the time, a liner that is stretched can’t be repaired and can only be replaced.

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