Expanding Your Usable Indoor Space at Home – Garden Buildings

Many homeowners look for innovative ways to expand the usable indoor space they have at home. There are many ways in which they can achieve this, including garage conversions, home extensions and garden buildings. All three of these popular options have their merits, but what if you don’t have a spare garage to convert and local building regulations don’t permit you to add further extensions to your home? These issues affect many homeowners with the result that many are now considering the option of building a garden structure that can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Art studios
  • Rumpus rooms
  • Guest bedrooms


As these buildings can feature one or two rooms (some designs enable homeowners to add more), log cabins are very versatile and there’s sure to be a design that suits the style preference of every homeowner and the purpose for which they’re constructing a building in their backyard. This means that if you’re looking for a way to create extra space at home, whether that’s a play area for the kids or somewhere for guests to sleep when they stay over, a high-quality log cabin is an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Garden Buildings

A garden building can offer a wealth of benefits, but that depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of building constructed, its insulation properties, the local climate and many more. As a result, you have to consider these factors (and many more) if you’re to select the right kind of log cabin to build and enjoy the following benefits:

More Usable Indoor Space

A quality log cabin will provide you with more usable indoor space in the summer, but if you’re to enjoy the benefits of having more indoor space to use all year round, it must be properly insulated and sealed to keep it warm and comfortable. Fortunately, it’s possible to have a timber summer house or log cabin insulated professionally, which enables you and your family to use it throughout the year and not only in the warmer months.

As mentioned earlier, this living space can be used for many purposes, so if you have need of a room in which the kids can play or a room for guests when they stay over, an insulated garden building has many benefits to offer.

Enhanced Property Value

It must be said that adding a garden building to your property with the aim of increasing its fiscal value is not a wise move, unless you’re looking at building an attractive, fully insulated building that can be used throughout all seasons, not your average garden shed variety that’s only useful during the summer months. This can be quite a project, but it is one that offers many excellent rewards, so do your research and speak to a log cabin specialist before you make any concrete plans.

Garden buildings, like the attractive log cabins that are now a common sight nationwide, have many benefits to offer homeowners and can help them to significantly expand their usable indoor space.

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