Fast Cleaning In the Bedroom

Even though you might like cleaning, sometimes there are cases when you’re not in the mood for taking care of household jobs or maybe you have a lot of other more important things to do. However, you need to keep your home neat and tidy because in a messy house you can’t even think, let alone other important problems, such as reading, watching TV or preparing something to eat.

Tidying has a few basic steps: throwing away the trash, putting things to their own place, dusting and vacuuming. To make things easier a lot of people put on their favourite music or listen to the news while they’re running from one room to another. If it has a good effect on you, of course there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it. However, to me personally it happened that I was turning on the radio and then in a moment I was leaving that room, caught with work in another room. Certainly, it’s better when you take one room at a time that is step by step. Keep in mind these easy stages for fast cleaning in the bedroom:Image result for Fast Cleaning In the Bedroom

  • Natural light helps you to see things clearer and brings good disposition. So, go to the windows and open the blinds to let the sunrays in.
  • Gather all the things which need to be thrown away in a plastic bag. This will take you about a quarter of the total amount of the time needed for fast cleaning. If there are any dirty clothes, now it’s the perfect moment to sort them out and put them in the laundry basket. The clean ones should be put in the wardrobe, back to their place. Fold the clothes, put the belts and coats back where they belong on the hangers and on the shelves.
  • The next step is taking the items which don’t belong in thebedroom and gather them in one place, maybe putting them in another room is a good idea. These might be things like glasses, games, books, magazines, boxes, cassettes, bottles of perfumes.
  • After the extra things have been put aside, deal with the rest of them which need to be put in their proper places: books in the bookcase, the remote next to the TV, the phone on the bedside table, the lamp near the bed and so on.
  • Now it’s time to neaten your bed. Take the blankets, quilts, duvets and shake them a bit on the balcony. Then put them back on, arranging them properly. Adjust the pillows nicely and that’s it.
  • Quickly take the vacuum cleaner and do the vacuuming over the carpets and the floors. In case of a hard floor, a more efficient way for cleaning is using a mop with warm water and your favourite cleaning gel. The result will be amazing.
  • One more big effort and you’re almost ready with your bedroom, which is the easiest room to clean in the entire house. The tops of the furniture will look clean and shiny if you use a wet rag and the appropriate solution (I personally use a window cleaner) for removing dust, and wiping down greasy and dirty surfaces.

My advice for you is to complete one small cleaning job every day and it will be a piece of cake at the end of the week. Instead of not knowing what to do first, you will feel relaxed because you took the time to deal with some of them at least.

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