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It often happens that the roof of a house or a building spends a lot of time without receiving the necessary attention. The ideal thing is to perform periodic reviews (specialists say at least once a year), to ensure that no damage has occurred and, if they exist, be able to repair them before their severity increases and their solution is more complicated

A tree that is too close can cause damage to the roof

These checks are more necessary in case the roof has suffered inclement weather (storms, strong winds, hail or snow fall, etc.). But these conditions are not necessary for the roof to deteriorate: only the action of humidity or the branch of a tree too close can cause small damages that, over time, are problematic. If you find roofers in Wirral then be sure that you will be having the best deals now.

Risks of the lack of maintenance of the roof

  • The main risks of the lack of maintenance of the roofs are two: on the one hand, the breakage and eventual fall of a tile and, on the other, the formation of cracks.
  • If a tile detaches and becomes loose, gravity and wind could cause it to fall, with the natural risk that it will hurt someone or break something under it. To know if there is any loose tile, a visual check may suffice: usually, those that are not fixed to the roof appear broken, displaced or crooked. For greater safety, it is advisable to examine the roof carefully to check that there are no loose parts.
  • It is not only important to check that there are no breaks in the roof, but also to take care of the cleaning, both of the tiles and of the joints and gutters
  • The second problem, the formation of cracks, is related to the first, since if tile breaks, moves or falls, the gap it leaves will give rise to a crack. However, it does not have to happen with a tile to form a crack: this can be due only to the action of fungi or poor waterproofing.
  • The cracks cause leaks, humidity and leaks inside the house. In case cracks are detected, they should be sealed with an insulating mortar and then secured with a waterproofing material. A recommended method is to install zinc bands along the joints of the roof. These strips create a layer of zinc oxide, which is harmless to the tiles and prevents the growth of fungi and other harmful agents.

Both the formation of cracks and the breakage or displacement of cracks may be due to the action of storms, but also to the simple erosion caused by the weather for a long time. And there are other factors: a roof that does not receive much sun (because it is under the shade of a tree or because it is oriented towards the north) will be more prone to the action of fungi, algae and bacteria than one that receives sunlight from more directly. That is, there are many elements that affect the state of the roof. That’s why the advisable thing, in any case, is to review it to conscience to act in time before any inconvenience.


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